Conference Game Day #2!

Hooooly cow, what a night of games! And hey, look, a month later we’re actually blogging about them.

UAA 67 @ UAF 68

Whoaaaa. Honestly, not too surprising. We haven’t been particularly impressed with UAA and then UAF has been somewhat of a pleasant surprise, and so… Any time there’s a rivalry game there will be chaos and this was no exception.

Seawolf highlights: Tyler Brimhall had nine boards; Niko Bevens played 40 FULL MINUTES; Brennan Rymer shot well and finished with 16 points; SJUR BERG started and had 12 points and eight boards; and off the bench Keenan Dowell had six points; while Brian Pearson had six boards.

Nook highlights: Michael Kluting had 14 points and 11 boards, completely bailing the Nooks out. And off the bench Aushanti Potts-Woods had a HUUUGE 17 points and four boards; Alex Martin had eight points; Isaiah Easaw had eight boards; Joe Lendway had eight points on perfect shooting; and the team collectively fought for seven boards.

Hooooly cow Nooks starters. That’s what we call a learning experience, thankfully a loss didn’t go along with the learning experience.

UAA 74 @ MSUB 89

Woof UAA, nicely done MSUB.

Seawolf highlights: Brennan Rymer had 10 points, six boards, and five fouls; Sjur Berg shot well and finished with 13 points and five boards; and Jack Macdonald had nine points including being 4-4 from the line. Off the bench Travis Adams had seven points; and Brian Pearson was great, finishing with 17 pints and five boards.

Jackets highlights: Zharon Richmond continues to impress with 16 points, five boards, and a full house; Melvin Nebern Jr. had nine points, six boards, and five fouls; and ZACH ROLLINS had 30 points including being 9-9 from the line!!; while off the bench Brendan Howard had 19 points and eight boards.

Congrats to the Yellowjackets on getting it done!

SFU 81 @ CU-PDX 79

Another crazy game. At various points you’d think one team was in control and then… Nope. Hard fought by both.

Clan highlights: Othniel Spence had 16 points; Wilfried Balata had 14 points and 7 boards including being 5-5 from the line; Graham Miller had nine points and five boards; Michael Provenzano had 15 points and a whopping EIGHT assists; Julian Roche had 17 points on great shooting; and off the bench Jasdeep Singh had 10 points.

Cavs highlights: Jace Cates had 13 points; Cody Starr had -12- ASSISTS!; Jarrett Gray had 16 points; and Dominique Bradley had 10 points and six boards. Off the bench Tyler Wells had eight points and four boards; Hunter Sweet had 11 points; Dakota Ayala (good name) had nine points and six boards; and Mykale Williams had six points.

Crazy game. Little lacking in defense, but fun all the same. Congrats to both teams on doing work.

WWU 88 @ WOU 96 in 2OT!!!

This game was insane. We love watching the Westerns play. It seems like there’s a bit of a budding rivalry there, made especially fun at this point in time because Trevor Jasinsky and Riley Hawken were AAU teammates. That said… Individual numbers of notes.

Viking highlights: Tyler Paine had five boards; Luke Lovelady was on fire and had a double-double with 20 points and 11 boards; Trevor Jasinsky went 9-9 from the line, had six boards, and finished with 27 points; Cameron Retherford had five boards and five assists; Micah Winn had 23 points and five fouls; and off the bench Jalen Green had eight boards.

Wolf highlights: Darius Luborn was 6-7 from he line and finished with 17 points; Etan Collins had 12 points and eight boards; Brandell Evans had 14 points and five boards; and Riley Hawken had 10 boards. Off the bench Bryan Berg had five points; Jaylyn Richardson had a great game with 22 points and eight boards; and Cameron Cranston had five points.

Nutso game. Good defense. Fun to watch the teams really key in on stopping each other. Not too many alarming shooting numbers on either side, which is great. Looking forward to the next match-up.

CWU 82 @ SPU 97


Wildcat “highlights”: Jeryn Lucas had 15 points and five fouls; Gamaun Boykin had 14 points and six boards while going 4-5 from the line; Jackson Price had 11 points; and Malik Montoya went 9-11 from the line and had five boards. Off the bench Matt Poquette had six points and four boards; Marcus Austin had eight points; and Hayden Nelson had four points.

Falcon highlights: Coleman Wooten had 13 points and nine boards; Nikhil Lizotte had 12 points and five assists; Nathan Streufert had 17 points, six boards, and four blocks among a full house of stats; and GAVIN LONG went 7-7 from the field and finished with 17 points. Off the bench Sharif Khan had seven points; Sam Simpson had five boards; Sam Boone had eight points; and Divant’e Moffitt had 17 points.

Congrats to the Falcons on getting it done.

NNU 86 @ SMU 88

Yet another crazy game. We loved it. We’re starting to be cautiously optimistic about the Nighthawks.

Nighthawk highlights: Obi Megwa had 25 points, seven boards, and five fouls; Beto Diaz had 12 points and seven boards; Adonis Adams had 20 points including being 8-8 from the line; Jayden Bezzant had 13 points; and Spider had seven boards. Off the bench James Nelson had six points; Jalen Burkett had five fouls in just nine minutes; and Sam Roth had six points and four boards.

We get it; they were sending him into foul people, but a job’s a job and doing your job well is doing your job well.

Saints highlights: Chandler Redix continues to impress with 25 points and nine boards including going 9-12 from the line; Jordan Kitchen had five fouls and six boards; and Rhett Baerlocher had six boards. Off the bench BJ Standley had 20 points and five assists while going 10-10 from the line; and Tavian Henderson had 12 points and five boards while being 6-6 from the field.

One thing that’s becoming clear about SMU is that whether someone is starting or not doesn’t particularly matter; it’s who ends up being hot a particular night.

Hope you all had a warm and safe New Year. Later today we’re hoping to get a post up about non con and implications of who’s-who in the west region this year.

Game previews will be up tomorrow at 10am PST =)