UAF/MSUB + Previewing Today’s Games!

Hope you guys are having a great week, recovering from Thanksgiving weekend game travel, as well as Thanksgiving food for those of you that stayed home.

Before we dive into the first real night of conference play, let’s talk about the MSUB/UAF game:

UAF 77 @ MSUB 79

The big thing to know about this game is that MSUB jumped out to a huge lead fairly early in the first half and then UAF was able to reel them back in, before MSUB jumped out to another solid lead in the second half before UAF was able to creep back in. On the one hand, good for MSUB for pulling it out, but on the other hand: SERIOUSLY?! We don’t think MSUB gained much advantage via Mick Durham leaving UAF and now being at MSUB because D2 has so much turnover in regard to players, we do think MSUB just did everything in their power to choke but couldn’t manage it.

Nanook highlights: Jalon McCullough had 12 points; Alex Baham had 13 points; and Michael Kluting had 10 points and seven boards. Off the bench Aushaunti had -21- points; and Alex Martin had six boards.

Yellowjacket highlights: Zharon Richmond had seven boards; Tyler Green had 16 points, five boards, and six assists -nicely done!; Melvin had 11 points and six boards; and Zack Rollins had a good game iwth 16 points, five boards, four assists, and five fouls. Off the bench Brendan Howard had 13 points; and Seth Christianson had four boards.

While a huge facepalm is involved for both teams, congrats MSUB on getting it done.

Alright, time to get into previewing tonight’s games. Of note, the Alaska schools are playing each other a week from Saturday on December 8th, rather than this week.

All times pacific.

WWU @ CU-PDX @ 7pm

We’re curious about this WWU team, while at the same time this Concordia team has done things to surprise us and give us hope, namely sweeping down in the Bay. That said, we think this WWU team is going to turn on and Concordia will help them do that.

Prediction: WWU wins.

SFU @ WOU @ 7pm

SFU comes into this game 2-2 in D2 play and having beat up on a bunch of Canadian schools. While we suspect the Clan are better than normal, meanwhile the Wolves of WOU are worse than normal…

Prediction: WOU wins big.

NNU @ SPU @ 7:30pm

What do we even say about this game? If the Falcons have Gabe Colosimo, they’ll win; if Gabe is still out, they’ll likely lose. They’re more than capable of winning without Gabe, they just don’t. Who knows.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

CWU @ SMU @ 7:30pm

SMU is decently well tested with their only loss coming against a good UCSD team, as well as a win at Point Loma. The rest of their D2 non-con has been meh, but all of the games were on the road, so they’ve at least got that going for them. As for the Wildcats of Central Washington, it’s hard to say where they are. They have a couple of wins against a couple of projectedly bad teams, and a couple of close losses against what should be a good Westminster team and decent San Bernardino team. While logic says that SMU should win, we won’t be surprised with a Wildcat upset.

Prediction: SMU wins a close one.

We’re excited about tonight’s games! Tweet at us, and we’ll see you tomorrow for recaps and highlights.

Be safe, have fun, go GNAC!