Discussing This Weekend’s Games.

The bad news is many teams lost last night. The good news is that we’re not alone in beating our head against a wall

UAF 68 vs. Black Hills State 64 @ MSUB

NEUTRAL SITE WIN. Nicely done Nooks!

Highlights: Tymoryae Glover had 12 points and eight boards; Jalon McCullough had five assists; SPENCER SWEET had 20 points while being 9-9 from the free throw line!; Michael Kluting continues to impress with a double double of 13 points and 11 boards; and off the bench Alex Martin had 13 points, five boards, and four assists among a full house of stats.

UAF 76 vs. Domiguez Hills 75 @ MSUB


Highlights: Ty Glover continues impressing with 13 points and five fouls; SPENCER SWEET HAD ANOTHER GREAT GAME with 20 points and four boards; and Michael Kluting had 12 rebounds. Off the bench Aushanti Potts-Woods had 14 points including going 4-4 from the line; and Isaiah Easaw had nine points and six assists.

Ridiculously proud of the Nanooks this weekend, and intrigued by the match-up with MSUB on Tuesday.

UAA 75 vs. South Dakota Mines 55

Highlights: Tyler Brimhall had 26 points and nine boards; Niko Bevens had 16 points; and SJUR BERG STARTED and had 14 points, four boards, and four blocks among a full house of stats. Off the bench Tobin Karlberg had five points; Keenan Dowell had four boards and three assists among a full house of stats; and Jack MacDonald had nine points on 3-3 shooting from beyond the arc.

UAA 73 vs. South Dakota Mines 68

Highlights: Tyler Brimhall was 4-4 from the line and had five boards; Niko Bevens had another good game with another 16 points + five assists; Brennan Rymer had 20 points and six boards on solid shooting and while going 6-6 from the line; and Sjur Berg had 10 pionts and five boards. Off the bench Jack MacDonald had 12 points and four boards; while Brian Pearson had four boards.

A D2 win is a D2 win, eh? We dislike playing the same team twice, but ah well. It looks like South Dakota Mines at least learned from one game to the next, so that’s good. Congrats on the two wins, Seawolves.

SPU 69 vs. St. Cloud State 77 @ Point Loma

Highlights: Coleman Wooten had 10 boards; Nathan Streufert had 12 points and five boards; and GAVIN LONG had 19 points among a smattering of field stats. Off the bench Sam Simpson had four boards and five fouls; and Divant’e Moffitt had five points.

SPU 72 vs. San Bernardino 79 @ Point Loma

Highlights: Coleman Wooten had 11 boards and nine points; Nikhil Lizotte had 17 points; Nathan Streufert had seven boards and eight points; and Gavin Long had 12 points and five fouls. Off the bench Sharif Khan had four assists; Sam Simpson had six points; and Divant’e Moffitt went 3-4 from the line.

We’re really angry about these two losses, largely because it calls into question their win against Westminster and makes their win against Azusa look even more meaningless. This is an upperclassmen dominated team. Gabe Colosimo being out shouldn’t collapse them. And yet it did. Have fun NNU & CWU.

SMU 81 @ Notre Dame de Namur 55

Highlights: LUKE CHAVEZ is back in the starting line-up and had nine points and SEVEN assists, holy crap we love Luke so much; Jordan Kitchen had five boards and 11 points; Rhett Baerlocher had four boards and three rebounds among a full house of stats; and EJ Boyce had 10 points. Off the bench Caden Smith had 12 points; BJ Standley had 15 points and five boards; Robert Little had five boards; and Marky Adams had six points.

SMU 77 @ Holy Names 63

SMU was definitely off this game. It took them a fair bit to walk it up. Even at halftime we were like ‘waaaa?’ but all’s well that ends well.

Highlights: Chandler Redix had 16 points, four boards, and four assists; Jordan Kitchen had eight boards; Rhett Baerlocher had 10 points; and EJ Boyce had 14 points. Off the bench Caden Smith had five points; BJ Standley had six points, four boards, and four assists; and Tavian Henderson had six points and eight boards.

Another day, another dub, heh heh heh. It’s nice when you’re a Catholic school and have other D2 Catholic schools to beat up on, rather than having to drop down to play within your denomination. No, but seriously, D2 West Region road games. Sounds good to us.

MSUB 73 vs. Dominguez Hills 75

Highlights: Melvin Nebern Jr. had 11 points and eight boards; Zack Rollins had 12 points; and off the bench Zharon Richmond had 15 points and eight boards.

MSUB 90 vs. Black Hills State 70

Highlights: Zharon Ricmond started and had 10 points; Tyler Green had 19 points; Melvin was on FIRE and had 22 points and 11 boards among a plethora of other stats for both a double double AND a full house; Zack Rollins had 13 points and eight boards; and off the bench Brendan Howard had 16 points and six boards.

We’re honestly really not sure what to make of these games. Congrats on the MSUB Yellowjackets on the ‘W’ against a team that UAF struggled with, but… What does it mean? Who knows. We’ll find out. We’ll find out a bit more on Tuesday considering MSUB and UAF now play each other.

CU-PDX @ Notre Dame de Namur

CUPDX vs. Holy Names

Once again: Their department finds the teams they host unworthy of mention on the Cavs official site, so we’re not going to discuss them when they go visit another school. By their own standards, they’re not worth a mention. But they did play D2 this weekend.

Thanks to Notre Dame de Namur for hosting a great GNAC/Pac-West crossover.

WOU 68 vs. Westminster 59 @ Dixie State

We’re excited about this win. We’re thinking upper-middle pac for Westminster? Just based on what we’ve seen. But for what WOU projects as this year (upper middle of the GNAC) it’s a great win.

Highlights: Darius Luborn had 10 points; BRANDELL EVANS had 17 points and five boards while going 8-11 from the line; and Riley Hawken had a full house among seven boards and five fouls. Off the bench Dalven Brushier had five boards and was 9-12 from the line; Buster Souza had four boards; and Cameron Cranston had five points.

Assuming Riley Hawken was seen as the target for Westminster’s D, but the numbers say he still found a way to be effective. Nicely done Riley!

WOU 70 @ Dixie State 80

Not concerned about this loss. Dixie State has consistently been really good, it’s a rebuilding year for WOU, it was on the road. Quality loss.

Highlights: Darius Luborn had five fouls; and Riley Hawken had six boards and 11 points. Off the bench Etan Collins had six points and four boards; Dalven Brushier was ON FIRE and finished with 16 points and five boards; and Buster Souza continues to add productivity grabbing six boards.

The numbers were worse than expected, but ah well. Learning game. It’s not west region, but at the same time we know Dixie State so well (because this is their first year not being west region) that we have to add a lot of benefit-of-the-doubt.

Overall really pleased with this weekend for the Wolves. Very optimistic that they’ll grow into themselves over the course of the season and make a run at the autobid if not win it.

Overall what we learned from this weekend is that we’re excited about the Nooks, we’re cautiously optimistic about WOU, and we’re curious about WWU although they weren’t mentioned in this post because they were beating up on Canadian schools.

The preview for UAF vs. MSUB on Tuesday: Theoretically well matched teams. UAF struggled with Black Hills State while MSUB blew out Black Hills State. Both teams won close over Dominguez Hills. We think this means that both are looking to be in the range of 6-8th in the GNAC, but that’s just a hunch.

Congrats on the many victories procured over this Thanksgiving weekend and we’ll see you on Thursday for the MSUB/UAF result and the game previews for the FIRST DAY OF CONFERENCE PLAY!!!!