Previewing This Week’s Games.

Gooood morning, happy Veteran’s Day, and welcome to the week before Thanksgiving. Yes, that’s weird; this entire month seems like everything’s about a week early because November has five Thursdays this year. Go figure.

Let’s preview this week’s games Monday-Wednesday.

All times pacific standard.


SMU @ UC San Diego @ 7pm

SMU is coming off of a blowout against Fresno Pacific as well as an impressive win over Point Loma. UCSD is coming off of a comfortable win over Simon Fraser and an impressive-ish win over Western Washington. The main things we learned from this past weekend include that the Pac-West and CCAA’s bottom teams are better than ours, but that SMU is likely the real deal. We don’t think the win over WWU is quite as impressive as UCSD would like, but it is a good win. With rankings… people ranked WWU despite the fact that their program is clearly in turmoil and they didn’t return much because of voluntary transfers, meanwhile didn’t rank SMU when SMU returns everything and has one of the best coaches in Division II. The rankings are meaningless at the moment, but we do think UCSD is a good team. That said…

Prediction: SMU wins a close one. Within five points or so.

^If they don’t, the GNAC is likely in troub-b-ble. Ideally we need at least two out of the top five or so teams. Right now it projects as SMU and SPU, but… We still don’t know about SPU.

UAF @ Hilo @ 9:30pm

UAF is 0-2 and looking to get a win, Hilo is yet to play an actual game. We think UAF has the advantage going into this game because they have in fact played two games and they do have the hunger for a win because of starting off not having won. They also have the fact that Hilo was really bad last year, and so UAF should be able to out-gun them fairly easily, but… Who knows?

Prediction: UAF wins.


MSUB vs. University of Mary (Northern Sun) @ 6pm

MSUB had unfortunate results down in SoCal, but they’re home again and looking to get their first win against a U of Mary team that went 4-18 in conference last year and already has two losses so far. The good news is that much like UAF, MSUB should the win because U of Mary was really bad. The bad news is, MSUB just lost to FPU, who is usually not good, so we shall see.

Prediction: MSUB wins.

We’ll be following along with these three games, so by all means tweet at us! Otherwise, we’ll see you Thursday morning for the results.

Be safe, have fun, go GNAC!