Checking In

Welcome to the 2018-2019 season. We’re not doing as much pre-season blogging as we usually have and it’s largely just that our usual pre-season shenanigans have us going “meh,” and only two teams return anything anyway so there’s not a lot of extrapolation to be done.

The one post that’ll be “burned” from last year is the all-conference teams. We have the data, we’ve just been lazy about it.

This year’s pre-season… We’ll go over pre-season all conference teams, a summary of what we don’t know/why we don’t know it, and then map out the non-con schedules of the West Region.

Ultimately the real blogging will get started the second week of November when D2 play hits and Nutso November takes over.

Until then: Enjoy football season and we’ll see you on Mondays!