Conference Game Day #19!

Goodness gracious, what an amazing night of basketball! Holy cow.

So it’s official: the teams in the conference tournament are:

1. Western Oregon
2. Western Washington
3. Saint Martin’s
4. Seattle Pacific -even if they lose and CWU wins on Saturday, the Falcons hold the tiebreaker.
5/6. Alaska-Anchorage/Central Washington

Tiebreakers… The projection is obviously that it’ll be UAA and then CWU because UAA is taking on MSUB while CWU is facing SMU, but if both obtain the same result, we believe CWU will get the tiebreaker because the teams split during the regular season and the Wildcats have a win over Western Washington.

Talking about the games…

UAF 69 @ MSUB 59

Fairly close and competitive through the first half, although there was a feeling that MSUB just wasn’t going to be able to get it done. UAF came out far too motivated to allow it and ultimately that was exactly how it played out. The way UAF was playing, you’d think they were still vying for a spot in the conference tournament, to the point that we actually checked the math again, so that was great.

Nook highlights: Jalon McCullough had nine points; Alex Baham had a full house; Davis Kimble had five boards; Joe Lendway had 15 points and eight boards; and Michael Kluting had 12 points and an amazing sixteen boards. Off the bench Amenofis Mitchell had eight points; and Daulton Lootens had five boards.

Jacket highlights: Kobe Tereshima had seven boards; Kendall Denham had 12 points; Zharon Richmond had 15 points; Kamal Tall had six boards; and off the bench Zack Rollins had eight boards.

Huge congrats to UAF on exceeding expectations, continuing to grind, and finishing the season strong. Very proud of you and have a great and productive off-season! We’ll see who returns next year before making any further predictions/statements.

SFU 58 @ CU-PDX 60

Oh goodness, what a game. Concordia came out super strong, but they’ve done that frequently and sure enough, SFU kept it close and continued to battle, and then eventually went up and we were like ‘okay, there it is’ because usually the Cavs let the other team back in at some point, keep it close, and then the other team still wins. Not last night. The Cavs got it done, congrats, shock the world, upset WWU on Saturday!

Clan highlights: Jordan Muir-Keung had five boards; Kedar Salam WENT OFF and had 37 points and seven boards; Tyrell Lewin had a whopping 13 boards; and off the bench Bongani Moyo had four boards.

Cav highlights: Jace Cates had five fouls; Jarrett gray had 21 points; Bryan Michaels had 10 points and five boards; and CHRIS EDWARD FINALLY PLAYED LIKE WE’VE BEEN EXPECTING ALL SEASON!!!!!!! He finished with 16 points and 15 boards. Off the bench Cody Starr had five assists; and Hunter Sweet had seven boards.

Congrats to the Cavs on their first conference win of the year. Clan -you guys still put up some monster numbers, but we beg of you not to shock the world on Saturday because we’ve already made reservations in regard to the Regional being in Monmouth.

WWU 73 @ WOU 89

It was never close. WOU just straight-up blew out the Vikings, no ifs ands nor buts. The good news for the Vikings is that they shot really well from the line and Blake Fernandez saw another five minutes, so… Count the rainbows where you can.

Viking highlights: Trey Drechsel scored 16 points including being 7-8 from the line; Deandre Dickson grabbed seven boards; Daulton Hommes had 21 points and eight boards; and off the bench Brett Kingma had five points; while Siaan Rojas had eight points.

Wolf highlights: Tanner Omlid had nine points, five boards, and four steals; Vince Boumann scored 13; Ali went 5-5 from the line; Riley Hawken had 12 points and seven boards; and off the bench Janvier Alaby had nine points and four boards; while JJ Chirnside had nine points and five boards.

Oddly enough your prototypical game from the Wolves, which doesn’t surprise us too much. The Viks had a “prototypical” game against the Wolves last time, so… They’re even. We think WWU has more talent but WOU is able to utilize their talent more. It is what it is. Congrats to both teams on getting through your last “big game” of the regular season -stay focused on Saturday.

NNU 64 @ SMU 71

This game was a nail biter until the last minute or two, holy goodness. Both teams played really hard, and it’s a game like this that reminds you just how much SMU is doing more with less. They match-up in playability really well with NNU and yet… The coaching is a cut above and sure enough, they got the ‘W’.

Nighthawk highlights: Obi Megwa had five boards; Spider had 12 points and nine boards; Maurice Jones had five boards, five fouls, and 15 points; and off the bench Marko Lepovic had seven points and seven boards.

Saint Highlights: MATT DAHLEN PLAYED LIKE A D1 TO D2 TRANSFER CENTER IS SUPPOSED TO PLAY!!!!! He had 25 points and 10 boards on 10-12 shooting, hallelujah! Jordan Kitchen had 10 points; Rhett Baerlocher had eight points and nine boards; and EJ Boyce had eight points. Off the bench Jared Matthews had a full house among six points and four boards; and Tavian Henderson had eight boards.

Congrats and big thanks to SMU for pulling out the victory and making all of our lives much less complicated. Great effort to the Nighthawks for terrifying us the entire time about SMU not pulling it out.

CWU 69 @ SPU 82

Anyone else would tell you this was not really an exciting game because SPU was up 10 to 12 almost the entire time, but… We freaked out through every minute. We know that CWU has a tendency to hit shots down the stretch (which they did) and SPU has a tendency to turn off the gas (which they did briefly before turning it back on) so… It is what it is.

Wildcat highlights: Malik Montoya had six boards and 11 points; Jawan Stepney had 26 points; Fuquan had seven boards and five fouls; and off the bench Naim Ladd had eight points.

Falcon highlights: Coleman Wooten had 11 points and 12 boards; and Nathan Streufert had 11 points and nine boards among a full house; Gavin Long had 14 points; and off the bench Hunter Eisenhower had 15 points.

What can we really say? Congrats to the three players awarded technicals: Fuquan Niles, Naim Ladd, and Gavin Long. And congrats to the Wildcats on losing their game but still officially making it into the conference tournament!

Really, really fun night of hoops. Tomorrow we’ll see; the games appear far more mismatched, but last game of the season means everyone’s fighting to end the season on a good note, so could be surprisingly climactic.

Have a great Friday, and to the I-5 corridor peeps: Please be safe. It’s supposed to snow again any time now.