Conference Game Day #18

Alright, we’re back. We got really addicted to online crosswords. Wish that was a joke, but seriously we’ve done about 400 since Sunday morning.

UAF 60 @ WWU 70

UAF was never really in it, but at the same time we never felt like WWU was clicked in either. There was no doubt the Vikings were going to win, but… It was eh. Blake Fernandez is back in for the Viks, which is exciting, although ease-up/acclimate minutes, so we’ll see.

Nook highlights: Jalon McCullough had 14 points; Alex Baham had 14 points; Joe Lendway had five boards; and Michael Kluting had five boards. Off the bench Amenofis Mitchell had four boards and seven points; and Donny Wilder had five points.

Viking highlights: Trey Drechsel had eight boards; Logan Schilder had nine points; Deandre Dickson had 16 points and six boards; Trevor Jasinsky had 14 points and six boards on near perfect shooting; Daulton Hommes had 19 points including going 5-5 from the line; and off the bench Brad Wallace had five boards.

Solid game for the Nooks, if not the desired result. Congrats to the Vikings on continuing to get the job done.

UAA 66 @ SFU 64

Hoooooly guacamole. This win means Anchorage should be good for the conference tournament. They’ve got a favorable schedule between UAF and MSUB and so it should be fine. Initially this game looked like it was going to be a blowout; it took until after the first media timeout for the Clan to score, but they kept grinding and sure enough, it came down to it.

Seawolf highlights: Malik Clements went 5-7 from the line and had five boards; DJ Ursury had 10 points and eight boards; Drew Peterson had 13 points; Josiah Wood had nine points; and Brian Pearson had 18 points and seven boards.

Clan highlights: Othniel Spence had 19 points; Kedar Salam had 18 points; Tyrell Lewin had eight boards; and off the bench Jordan Muir-Keung had 13 points and five boards; while Bongani Moyo had five fouls.

The good news is Anchorage won. The questionable news is that these numbers are as good as we’ve seen UAA put up in quite some time and yet they barely squeaked by Simon Fraser. UAF vs. UAA is interesting because we feel like UAF has the better team but UAA has the better coaching, which makes them incredibly evenly matched.

SPU 74 @ MSUB 60

Color us shocked -we didn’t think the Falcons would lock in enough, but they did, although we’re still not happy with their rebounding, but whatever.

Falcon highlights: Coleman Wooten had 26 points and seven boards; Gabe Colosimo had 10!! assists and just one turnover; Nathan Streufert had 10 points; and Gavin Long had 13 points. Off the bench Nikhil Lizotte and Hunter Eisenhower both had six points; and Trey Miller had seven boards.

Jacket highlights: Kobe Tereshima had 15 points; Kendall Denham had seven boards; Hafeez Abdul had sven boards; Zharon Richmond had 14 points; Zack Rollins had five boards; and off the bench Kamal Tal had six boards; while Sven Jeuschede had six points.

Great job by the Jackets on their rebounding and good luck against the Alaska schools.

WOU 89 @ CWU 59

We feel mildly responsible for this result because we were in a shouty mood. Fun times. We don’t care how far you’re up -always play like you’re down by two, that’s our philosophy.

Wolf highlights: Malik Morgan had 13 points and six assists; Tanner Omlid had 14 points and 14 boards; Vince Boumann had five boards; Ali had 24 points!!; and Riley Hawken had six boards. Off the bench Demetrius Trammell had eight points; Darius Luborn had nine points; and JJ Chirnside had six boards.

Wildcat highlights: Khalil Shabazz had 20 points; Jawan Stepney had 11 points and five assists; Fuquan Niles had a whopping eight blocks and seven boards; and off the bench Sage Woodruff had eight points.

CWU thought this result was embarrassing. Oh no no no. It’s much more embarrassing to only beat an 0-16 team by three than it is to lose to the projected Regional host by 30. You’re fine Wildcats; the numbers largely check out.

CU-PDX 68 @ NNU 78

Concordia was in it and impressive and then by the end of the first half NNU went “wait, what the heck?” and put them back down. The Cavs still continued to fight though, it just wasn’t enough. Alright Cavs, you’ve got two more shots. Let’s see whatchu got.

Cav highlights: Jarrett Gray had five boards and went 6-8 from the line; Bryan Michaels had 12 points and five boards; Chris Edward had nine points and five fouls; and Taylor Harris had five boards. Off the bench Cody Starr had 11 points and five fouls; and Hunter Sweet had eight points and five fouls.

Nighthawk highlights: Obi Megwa had 20 points on good shooting; Maurice Jones had 15 points, eight boards, and a full house; and off the bench Jayden Bezzant had 17 points and six boards.

Solid performance from the Cavs, and not the best numbers from the Nighthawks -all the better to bounce back and get the upset win against SMU, eh? Sounds like a plan to us.

Fun night of basketball. Teams were a lot more locked in than we expected them to be. Very few close results outside of UAA/SFU game, which is sort of good? Teams are turning it on and dropping the hammer, and as we zoom toward March that’s exactly what we like to see.

Game previews’ll be up at 10am per usual.