Conference Game Day #16

Wow! What a night of games and only four game nights left before the conference tournament.. We finally caught onto the fact that the Alaska schools essentially play the last two weeks of games on the road, which makes good sense because of the tournament being up there.

MSUB 77 @ SFU 75

On the one hand the game should have been a pick ’em, but on the other hand we are still surprised MSUB won because SFU has a fairly good home court advantage in regard to how echo-y it gets in the West Gym, so… Congrats to the Yellowjackets on a solid win.

Jacket highlights: Kobe Tereshima had six boards and five assists; Kendall Denham had six boards and five assists; Hafeez Abdul had an incredible 26 points and nine boards on fantastic shooting and while going 8-8 from the line -WOW!!; Zack Rollins also shot fantastically and finished with 27 points.

Clan highlights: Othniel Spence had five boards; Jordan Muir-Keung had six assists; Kedar Salam continues to impress, this time with 21 points and while going 7-8 from the line; Michael Provenzano had nine points and seven assists; and Tyrell Lewin shot 7-7 from the field and finished with 14 points. Off the bench Bowen Bakken had 11 points; and Bongani Moyo had six points and seven boards.

Really good numbers from the Clan, and a great win for MSUB; congrats to all.

SPU 80 @ CU-PDX 70

Interesting game. Concordia was in it until about the two minute mark and then… SPU put it away. The Cavs have had several games like that and if we feel frustrated, we can’t imagine how frustrated they feel.

Falcon highlights: Coleman Wooten had 24 points and 11 boards for the double-double; Gabe Colosimo had 10 points; and Nathan Streufert had 16 points and eight boards. Off the bench Braden Olsen had six assists; Nikhil Lizotte had seven points; and Trey Miller had five points.

Cav highlights: Bryan Michaels had 23 points; Chris Edward had five boards; and off the bench Jace Cates had nine points; Tyler Wells had six points and five fouls; and Daniel Theisen had six points and five boards.

We’re going to be honest: We’re getting really irritated with Concordia’s media staff. They’re not updating the live stats, and while we understand that technical difficulties happen, the fact that it seems to happen 2/3rds of the time says that something needs to change. The reality is that it hurts not only players in terms of exposure, but the non-local family members of players as well.

SMU 73 @ WOU 86

At times it was close, but never concerningly so. SPU gave WOU more of a battle than SMU did, which is sort of curious but sort of not. WOU did what WOU does, although SMU did have Luke Chavez back, which was really nice.

Saint highlights: Luke had 14 points; Matt Dahlen had 15 points and five fouls on perfect shooting from both the field and the line; and off the bench Caden Smith had six points; BJ Standley had 12 points; and Tavian Henderson had six points and six boards.

Wolf highlights: Malik Morgan has turned on hot as the regular season begins to wane and had 16 points and five assists; Tanner Omlid had 13 points, five boards, and a full house; ALI IS OFFICIALLY BACK!!!!! and had 24 points and four steals, he was one of our faves last year so we’re REALLY excited; and Riley Hawken continues the existential crisis with five boards. Off the bench Demetrius had eight points; Janvier Alaby had four boards; Darius Luborn had 10 points on great shooting; and JJ Chirnside had seven points and five boards.

Really pleased with the numbers put up by WOU, and honestly confused by the lack of numbers put up by SMU, so… We’ll see what they do on Tuesday. Probably’ll be pretty feisty, which’ll be fun.

NNU 53 @ UAF 67

The Nooks continue to make the push for the conference tournament. We’re honestly a little surprised by this result -we have no idea what’s up with the Nighthawks right now, although are happy to see that Maurice Jones is bouncing back. Still, great game from the Nooks, so cool? No pun intended.

Nighthawk highlights: Obi Megwa had six boards; and Maurice Jones had 19 points and 15 boards.

Nook highlights: Jalon McCullough started; Alex Baham had 12 points; Michael Kluting had 11 points and eight boards; and off the bench Amenofis had 14 points and five boards; Donny Wilder had eight points; and Davis Kimble had nine points.

Interesting. A ‘W’ is a ‘W’ but it appears that both teams played “down” to each other, when both are actually semi-decent in reality. Ooookay then.

CWU 54 @ UAA 70

Revenge is a dish best served hot and sweaty. Last time UAA lost a heartbreaker in OT to the Wildcats, and now they’ve gotten their revenge -convincingly. UAA was up largely the whole time and then never let CWU truly back into it.

Wildcat highlights: Khalil Shabazz had five boards; Fuquan Niles had 10 points, nine boards, and four blocks; and off the bench Cameron Williams had 13 points nad eight boards; and Karsten Chaplik had five boards.

Seawolf highlights: Malik Clements went 8-10 from the line and had 12 boards; Drew Peterson had six assists; and Josiah Wood had 19 points. Off the bench Kylan Osborne had nine points; and Curtis Ryan had six points.

Lesson for everyone else: DO NOT FOUL MALIK CLEMENTS. He went 2-11 from the field, let the dude shoot.

Fun night of basketball. Last four games of the year on tap, Really exciting stuff and should be a good week.

Be safe, have fun, go GNAC.