Previewing Tonight’s Games

And today’s game, which starts soon.

All times pacific.

NNU @ UAF @ 4pm

This should be a fairly decent match-up. UAF has been coming on stronger while NNU has been weakening, but we still think they’re fairly evenly matched. NNU just got beat by UAA convincingly, while UAF lost a heartbreaker to CWU, so we’ll see what happens.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

MSUB @ SFU @ 7pm

Really good match-up. Michael Provenzano and Kendall Denham are fun because we’ve seen both play really well in the past, but haven’t really seen them play particularly well this year. We’ll see what happens. We lean toward SFU because Kedar Salam, Othniel Spence, Jordan Muir-Keung, and Tyrell Lewin outpace anything MSUB’s been able to put on the line.

Prediction: SFU wins.

SPU @ CU-PDX @ 7:30pm

Prime opportunity for Concordia to pick up a win because SPU is the only true rival of the Cavs in regard to doing less with more. SPU mathematically still has one of the most talented teams in the conference, even while losing two starters; Concordia still has both of their all conference players (Chris Edward and Jarrett Gray) but you’d have no idea with their 0-fer conference record. SPU can blow out the Cavs, but will they?

Prediction: Pick ’em.

SMU @ WOU @ 7:30pm

Really excited for this game. Ali finally had a great game for WOU, Luke Chavez may or may not be out for SMU, and as such: we have no idea what’ll happen. This match-up features the best two coaches in the conference along with a team of role players for the Saints and the best player in the conference as it comes to Tanner Omlid.

Prediction: WOU pulls it out.

CWU @ UAA @ 8pm

Excited for this match-up. Two really well matched teams, both with guys that have quite a bit of heart as cliche as it sounds. As noted: UAA continues to fight for a spot in the conference tournament they’re hosting, while CWU attempts to fight for one at all. We lean towards CWU just because we feel like their players have put out more evidence in regard to knowing what they’re doing. Anchorage will put up numbers, but the frequency of them being good numbers hasn’t been great.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

Should be a fun Saturday night. Tweet at us!