Conference Game Day #13

And the phrase of the day is… ‘Halftime adjustments.’

CU-PDX 72 @ WOU 86

Pretty typical game. Concordia had some guys turn in a couple of monster performances and then absolutely nothing else, but we’re not concerned nor judgmental because seriously: it’s WOU.

Cav highlights: Jarrett Gray had a good game with 12 points and five steals; and Chris Edward was on fire, going 13/15 from the field and 7/8 from the line and finishing with 33 points and eight boards.

Wolf highlights: Malik Morgan had 13 points and five assists; Vince Boumann had nine points and six boards; and Ali had 13 points; and Riley Hawken had 12 points. Off the bench Demetrius Trammell had 14 points; Dustin Triano had nine points while being 3-3 from downtown; and JJ Chirnside had five points.

Good job to both teams on a game well-fought. To the Cavs: with the numbers you put up it looks like you should have lost by 35+ and yet it was only 14 and you out-rebounded them by five -progress, moral victories, yay.

WOU 71 @ MSUB 60

The score looks good in terms of what we projected… The game was nothing of the sort. WOU was slowly working their way up and then MSUB went on a HUUUUGE run and led by 10 or so. Then halftime happened and Jim Shaw Jim Shaw’d and while MSUB would bring it close again, ultimately the Wolves put the Yellowjackets away. Really good test for the Wolves, we’re super happy about it. We think even if they pick up another loss they’ll still host the Regional, but… Bend but don’t break. We’d rather have them fairly tested coming into post-season.

Wolf highlights: Malik Morgan has five boards and 10 points; Tanner Omlid had 14 points and seven boards; Vince Boumann had nine points and seven boards; Ali had six boards; and Riley Hawken had 14 points. Off the bench Demetrius had 10 points and Brandell Evans had six points.

Jacket highlights: Kendall Denham had 10 points; Hafeez Abdul had six boards; Zharon Richmond had five assists; and off the bench Tyler Green had 14 points; while Sven Jeuschede had five points.

Congrats to the Yellowjackets on putting up a good fight and great job to the Wolves for overcoming adversity.

SFU 69 @ NNU 82

For the most part this game was never a contest. NNU was largely in control the entire time and while SFU got it close there for a while, we had full faith that the Crusaders would walk it back up again. We honestly can’t figure out why they have such a good home nest advantage, because honestly the game experience is very middle-of-the-pack, but they do and we respect it.

Clan highlights: Kedar Salam shot well from beyond the arc, making 6-9 threes and going 4-4 from the line; Michael Provenzano had five boards and five assists; JJ Pankratz had 10 boards and a full house; Tyrell Lewin had seven boards; and off the bench Jordan Muir-Keung had nine points.

Nighthawk highlights: Obi Mewa had 10 points; Sam Roth was on fire and had 12 points; Jayden Bezzant had 16 points; Spider had seven boards; and Maurice Jones had a flawless full house among 11 boards and 17 points for the double-double. Off the bench Khalil Thompson had 12 points; Nikola Prvulj had five pionts; Marko Lepovic had four boards; and Felix White had six points and five boards.

Really like the numbers from the Nighthawks -nicely done men. Good effort as well from SFU.

UAF 59 @ SMU 80

SMU jump attacked the Nooks and early we were like “wow, we are going to be so wrong on this one,” alas the Nooks made a valiant effort at battling back, but then… HALF TIME ADJUSTMENTS. Nicely done Saints, this was a good redemption win to get.

Nook highlights: Davis Kimble had six boards and 14 points; Michael Kluting had 10 points; and off the bench Daulton Lootens had eight points; while Joe Lendway had 12 points.

Saint highlights: Matt Dahlen had a full house among seven boards and seven blocks (wow!!); Jordan Kitchen had 13 points; Rhett Baerlocher had nine points and six boards; and EJ Boyce had 17 points. Off the bench Caden Smith had six points; Tavian Henderson had seven boards and 13 points; and Cameron Chatwin had five points.

Nicely done to the Saints on the win, and to the Nooks: Relax. You’ll beat SPU on Saturday. It’ll be fine.

UAA 67 @ SPU 62

Another game earlier we were like “oh goodness, the Falcons are going to blow out the Seawolves because of course,” but noooope. We know this conference. SPU had a lead of 14 and then blew it. Congrats Seawolves on taking advantage of it!

Seawolf highlights: Malik Clements was AMAZING and scored 18 points; Josiah Wood started and scored nine points and grabbed six boards along with a full house; and off the bench DJ Ursury had 12 points and eight boards on good shooting.

Falcon highlights: Coleman Wooten had nine points and six boards; Gabe Colosimo had five boards; Nathan Streufert had a MASSIVE GAME with 18 points and seventeen boards; and Gavin Long had five fouls. Off the bench Nikhil Lizotte had six points; and Hunter Eisenhower had six points.

Interesting game. Congrats to the Seawolves on the win!

WWU 81 @ CWU 92

This game was straight up weird, because even if CWU had ended up winning, we didn’t think it would be a blow-out, and we thought WWU would have at least had control for a bit, but… They were never in control. Ever. And it was amazing in a sense because CWU turns up the gas in the last two minutes like no team we’ve ever seen and it’s amazing when the game is close and/or they’re down by a bit, but… They still managed to harness that same urgency and clutchness while up comfortably, and it was incredible.

Viking highlights: Trey Drechsel had nine boards and 19 points while being a perfect 7-7 from the line; Deandre Dickson had five boards; and Daulton Hommes had 22 points. Off the bench Tyler Payne had six points; Brad Wallace had four boards; and Siaan Rojas had 17 points and six boards.

Wildcat highlights: Khalil Shabazz 24 points, six boards, five steals, and four assists -WOW!!; Malik Montoya had nine points, 10 assists, and five fouls; Jawan Stepney had 21 points and five assists among a full house; Jerome Bryant had 11 points while being great from the line; and Fuquan Niles had 13 points and seven boards. off the bench Sage Woodruff had seven points; and Coleman Sparling had seven points.

Ridiculously proud of the Wildcats for pulling out the ‘W.’ A little disappointed in the Vikings, just because so many of these lines are so suspect, although honestly… We’re not that surprised about the bad lines; we are surprised about the three losses in a row, because usually the Vikings win despite bad numbers.

Differently exciting than we were expecting, but 100% great all the same. Congrats to all of the guys on playing hard, and… Tomorrow is another game day! Be safe, have fun, go GNAC.