Previewing Tonight’s Games

Welcome to the second half of conference play! Lots of fun match-ups tonight, so let’s jump right in.

All times pacific.

MSUB @ NNU @ 6pm

We’re really looking forward to this game. Both teams are going to be looking to bounce back and we feel that they’re fairly well matched. Maurice Jones has been quiet as of late and so it’ll be interesting to see if he can put up some good numbers, especially against a team that has almost no center play anyway.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

CU-PDX @ UAA @ 6:15pm

Another game we think is super well-matched. That’s not an insult UAA -you’ve had some rough breaks too, and we still don’t feel like we know what you’re doing. We know that you’re solid, but how you compare to the Concordia guys… We’ll see. Concordia is a difficult team to prognosticate because we’ve seen so many of those guys play well, far better than we’ve seen most of the UAA guys play, and yet UAA has been able to put it together and Concordia hasn’t. Is this the game that Concordia gets a win? Probably not, but we’ll still say…

Prediction: Pick ’em.

SPU @ SFU @ 7pm

This game should be hysterical. The Falcons capped off their mess of last season with a loss at Simon Fraser, and so you’d think they’d be motivated but we’re not convinced. SPU has the talent to blow the pants off of SFU, but that seems unlikely because we think SFU’ll be gunning for them and SPU is going to be thinking about WWU and then go “oh shoot, we do need to actually pay attention to this game,” and then Nikhil’ll chuck up a bunch of terrible shots and it’ll be way closer than it should be.

Prediction: SPU wins.

SMU @ WWU @ 7pm

Underrated game. We’re excited about it. SMU got a nice come-from-behind win over Billings and the Vikings are probably already looking ahead to their big face-off with SPU on Saturday. Trey Drechsel just had a terrible game and so he’ll be looking to bounce back, meanwhile SMU’ll be looking to force him into difficult spots and contain him. We’ll see what happens. WWU is completely capable of blowing out SMU, but we’ll still say…

Prediction: Pick ’em.

WOU @ UAF @ 8:30pm

We’re excited about this game just because the Nooks are inevitably super excited about this game. They’re facing the best team in the conference on the tundra, it’s a probable overlook game, and they just got a nice win over Simon Fraser, while WOU is coming off of a typical game against NNU. That said, even when you account for the overlook factor, we just don’t see UAF winning. WOU regularly comes out flat and so it won’t surprise us if the game is close at the half, but we fully expect them to put it away at some point.

Prediction: WOU wins comfortably.

Great night of games. We can’t wait! Tweet at us.