Conference Game Day #3

Well… This is unexpected in that it went exactly as we expected, except for a few specific lines, but more about that in a bit.

Simon Fraser 66 @ Saint Martin’s 82

This is what happens when SFU faces a real team that not only has fairly skilled players but also a great amount of teamwork. Their already questionable numbers get more questionable and while they’re able to shoot, shoot, shoot, it doesn’t matter how much they shoot because the other team actually plays defense and so the shots don’t fall as much. It is what it is. It’s a learning experience.

Clan highlights: Kedar Salam went 5-6 from the line and had five boards; JJ Pankratz had a fairly good game with nine boards and 16 points along with a full house; Tyrell Lewin had 13 points and five boards on solid shooting. Off the bench there were decent numbers put up with Othniel Spence finishing with eight points; Jordan Muir-Keung five points and five assists (nice!); and Alex Vranjes five points while being 3-3 from the line. If our first impression of you is that you make your free throws, you’re doing something right.

Saint highlights: Tavian Henderson had 10 points, six boards, and a full house while being 5-6 from the field; EJ Boyce had 12 points; and Luke Chavez had four boards and five assists. Off the bench Jordan Kitchen made a statement with 17 points and five boards on good free throw shooting; Rhett Baerlocher had nine points; and BJ Standley continues on with 13 points.

Nicely done with the Saints -no particularly jaw dropping numbers but a great team effort that got the job done thoroughly while not doing anything stupid to exhaust themselves before the real match-up of the week. This gives us good feelings going into the WWU game on Saturday.

Western Washington 86 @ Seattle Pacific 80

These numbers… Of anyone in the conference, these are the two teams we know by far the best and yet we’re still surprised that the game was pretty much what we expected, and we were even more surprised when we looked at the actual numbers.

Viking Highlights: TREY DRECHSEL played fantastically with 27 points, eight boards, 8-9 from the line, on good shooting from the field; Deandre Dickson bounced back with 17 points and six boards; Trevor Jasinsky played a whopping 39 minutes and finished with 12 points; and Daulton Hommes continued to prove his steadfast amazingness with 17 points and nine boards rounding out a full house. Not much off the bench, although Blake Fernandez did provide 19 great minutes of support relief.

Falcon Highlights: Nathan Streufert started for this first time and had 11 boards; Tony Miller and had 23 points and seven boards while being 7-9 from the line. Off the bench Braden Olsen had 11 points while being 6-7 from the line; Harry Cavell had 12 points and five assists; and Hunter Eisenhower had a fantastic 16 points on knock-down shooting.

WWU got zero bench play, but SPU was lacking in starter play. SPU is still clearly a good team, but it’s really nice to see WWU living up to their potential with having Daulton, Deandre, Trevor, and Trey all functioning well on the same night. Good night for it to happen on. We’re really excited about the SMU game.

Really fun night of basketball. Game previews will be up at 11am tomorrow.