Boxing Day Marathon #5!

D2WestMBB? Contemplating it. We officially created the twitter account and blog.

We still have no idea what’s going on, and we’re realizing that we’re really curious about the Pac-West and CCAA this year because it does matter so much to the GNAC, so… If we’re researching it anyway, we may as well put up a weekly brief on each and actually make it more accessible to the entire region. That’s actually how we got into GNAC Blogging -we realized in order to truly understand what was going on with SPU, we had to have the context of what the rest of the conference was doing.

Then we fell in love with the rest of you guys too and so.. Here we are, four years later, and: we’re still completely dedicated to this blog, and we considered keeping the D2West stuff here, but… It seems nice to have it all in one place, where it’s just one after the other and you can reference prior weeks more easily without having to sort through all of the GNAC results. If it does go live, it’ll mostly be brief analysis in terms of trends and concerns and stuff like that. We’re not going to spend tons of time on it, but enough so we feel like we know what’s going on and how it is impacting us up here in the GNAC.

We’ll keep you in the know… We had planned to be productive today, but Seattle both suffers and has the benefit of kind of a collective consciousness. This week it means nothing is happening. All of the tech people are off, UW’s out, the city unexpectedly shut down more than anticipated on Christmas Eve/Christmas because of several inches of completely unexpected snowfall, and so everything just feels like it’s in the twilight zone. Really weird, but really relaxing, and because we still have to be at work every day -the lack of traffic is nice.

Hope the rest of you that live elsewhere are enjoying the week!

Our goal was to get to seven of these marathon posts up by the end of today, so… We’ll see.