Boxing Day Blog Marathon #3!

We know we didn’t do player-of-the-week all that often because non-con was such a mess, but we are going to go ahead and give you a couple of mid-season all-conference teams, just based off of what we saw:

All-Conference Upperclassmen:

  • Jacob Lampkin -Alaska-Anchorage.
  • Luke Chavez -Saint Martin’s.
  • Fuquan Niles -Central Washington.
  • Maurice Jones -Northwest Nazarene.
  • Tanner Omlid -Western Oregon.

All-Conference Underclassmen:

  • Daulton Hommes -Western Washington
  • Tony Miller -Seattle Pacific
  • Zack Rollins -MSU-Billings
  • Khalil Shabazz -Central Washington
  • Jayden Bezzant -Northwest Nazarene

This is a little bit of a weird team because the class of 2020 is so stacked. It’s 4/5 sophomores, even though there are plenty of great frosh. Going forward we may have to do a separate ‘Class of 2020’ team because we can easily name seven other sophomores that we’re shocked they aren’t on that list.

Overall this is super skint. If you/your favorite player isn’t on it, we wouldn’t take it too seriously. Non-con this year is such a wash in terms of teams that schedule well vs. teams that schedule poorly and the guys putting up the numbers have nothing to do with that scheduling and so we don’t want to not include someone because they had an insanely hard schedule but at the same time we don’t want include someone just because they played a really easy schedule.

Next post will be up tomorrow morning because our brain hurts.