Pre-Season All-Conference Teams

These are going to be a little bit weird this year because so many of last year’s players come back and then so many teams bring in a ton of transfers, and so we’re just going to do a top-seven list of returners, with the anticipation that at least three transfers will also make the actual all-conference teams.

Top Seven Returners:

Daulton Hommes -WWU, Jr.
Deandre Dickson -WWU, Sr.
Tony Miller -SPU, So.
Fuquan Niles -CWU, Sr.
Maurice Jones -NNU, Sr.
Christopher Edward -CU-PDX, Sr.
Tanner Omlid -WOU, Sr.

Those guys ALL made post-season teams last year and we get to keep them this year. How cool is that? We’re so excited. Last year was a “bit” of a down year… This year, we’re gonna be like Scrooge McDuck in regard to good basketball. It’s going to be so great.

Speaking of which: Hi Transfers!! We can’t wait to watch you play!!!! We left three spots for you on our pre-season all conference list!

Other guys to keep an eye on:

UAF: LaDonavan Wilder; SFU: JJ Pankratz, Michael Provenzano, Iziah Sherman-Newsom; WWU: Trey Drechsel, Blake Fernandez, Brad Wallace, Trevor Jasinsky; SPU: Coleman Wooten, Nikhil Lizotte; SMU: Rhett Baerlocher, Jordan Kitchen, Michael Painter, Cameron Chatwin; MSUB: Kendall Denham, Kamal Tall, Sven Jeuschede; CWU: Naim Ladd, Jawan Stepney; NNU: Marko Lepovic, Nikola Prvulj; CU-PDX: Jarret Gray; WOU: Malik Morgan, Demetrius Trammell, Ali Faruq-Bey; Riley Hawken.

Tomorrow will be the annual GIF anticipations post.