Conference Game Day #18

The most normal night of basketball to date. We keep saying that and it’s because we’re stunned every time.

WWU 83 @ NNU 59

It looked close there for a hot second and then WWU rolled.

Viking highlights: Taylor Stafford scored 21 points; Logan Schilder grabbed five boards; Daulton Hommes had a double-double with 11 points and 10 boards; and Jeffrey Parker also had a double-double with 11 boards and 13 points. Off the bench Deandre Dickson had five boards and 12 points; while Trevor Jasinsky had 13 points. The Vikings collectively grabbed a whopping 49 rebounds -wow!!

Crusader highlights: Bouna scored 27; Pol Olivier had five steals; Kaileb Rodriguez scored 14 points; and Maurice Jones continues with 16 points and 14 boards for the double-double.

Again: normal game. Congrats to the Vikings on making progress in securing your seeding. Good effort to the Nooks -good luck against the Alaska schools!

SMU 83 @ MSUB 92

Did anyone else have a heart attack while watching this game? Good, we’re not the only ones. Close the whole game. Even when MSUB was up by a couple of possessions and managed to keep it there, you never felt safe because SMU is so good at hitting shots down the stretch. Very exciting game, congrats to both teams.

Saints highlights: Cole Preston had nine assists; Jordan Kitchen had six boards; Rhett Baerlocher had five boards and 16 points; and Fred Jorg had six boards. Off the bench Trey Ingram had 17 points and five boards; and Brandon Kenilvort had 16 points. We looove a good sixth man, and are ridiculously proud of Brandon! Energy off the bench, you’s fire B!

Yellowjacket highlights: Preston Beverly had 14 boards; Kendall Denham FINALLY IS STARTING AGAIN!!!! and had 15 points, six boards, and six assists; and Marc Matthews had 23 points. Off the bench Zach Lessinger had eight points and four boards; while Kamal Tall had seven points and six boards.

Again: Ridiculously good game. Proud of all of the guys.

SFU 76 @ CWU 90

The Wildcats had Naim Ladd back. ‘Nuff said. No, actually the Clan maintained presence in it for a long while, they just didn’t hit shots down the stretch; had they, even a few more, it would have been a really exciting game almost the entire time. It wasn’t a super bad blowout by any means.

Clan highlights: Michael Provenzano had five assists; Othniel Spence had nine points off the bench. Collectively the Clan shot almost 80% from the free throw line.

Wildcat highlights: Dom Hunter had 27 points; Terry Dawn (and his fan club, Lordy!) had 10 points and eight boards; Fuquan continues with 13 points, 10 boards, and five blocks; and Chris-Michael Garret had five boards. off the bench Cameron Burton had five points; Naim Ladd had nine points; and Jawan Stepney had 12 points.

Good effort by the Clan, congrats to the Wildcats on getting their circulatory system back. We feel like Dom Hunter is the heart, and Fuquan Niles is the spinal cord, but apparently they struggle to function without Naim, thus circulatory system.

UAA 71 @ WOU 89

Shout-out to the WOU social media team for actually responding and posting updates once they were told the Feed was down. Ridiculously appreciated!

Seawolf highlights: Suki had 23 points while being 12-14 from the line; Diante Mitchell had 15 points; and Spencer Svejcar had 13 points. Off the bench Damien Fulp had seven points.

Odd that Corey and Connor have no rebounding highlights, but the game overall had a really low number of rebounds available, so initially we were like “wow, WOU did a good job!” but no, just no one really grabbed many boards.

Wolf highlights: Tanner Omlid had 19 points, six assists, and overall a full house; Ali had 22 points; and JJ Chirnside had 10 points and five boards. The WOU bench was monstrous this game: Demetrius had 11 points; Bryan Berg had six points; Isaiah Edwards had seven points; and Connor Thompson had five points and six boards. Maybe not so monstrous, but almost everyone put up numbers, which is rarely seen.

Not too much of an exciting game as far as we could tell, but congrats to the Wolves on officially clinching their berth in the conference tournament.

UAF 75 @ CU-PDX 77

We’d list them as CU-P but you all would laugh at it every time, so… CU-PDX continues. We have no idea what happened in this game because of the continuing ineptness of Concordia’s staff, but it is what it is. What’s odd is their NAIA conference is usually all up on the updates, so why they’re sucking at the NCAA D2 level when it wouldn’t have been tolerated on the NAIA D2 level is awful. We’re incredibly annoyed by it partly because we like to know what’s up and partly because we like the Cavs so we’re genuinely curious as to what’s up.

Nook highlights: Nahjee played 40 minutes; Bangaly had 12 points; LaDonavan Wilder grabbed seven boards; Zach Pederson had 11 points and six boards; and Brandon Davis continues on with 40 minutes and 11 points. Off the bench Spencer Clark had five points and four boards; while Michael Kluting had 12 points and seven boards.

Cav highlights: Drew Martin had 21 points and eight boards amongst a full house; Latrell Wilson STARTED and had 15 points; Christopher Edward had nine boards and nine points; Jarrett Gray had 10 points; and off the bench Davis Nuaimi had nine points; while Tre’ Vance had 10 points.

We assume this was an exciting game. Congrats to the Cavs on the win!

Congrats to all on great effort displayed! POW will be up tomorrow on schedule and then the ‘Standings’ chart will be updated tonight.



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