Conference Game Day #17

Here we go! We wrote this while at CWU/SFU.

SMU 80 @ SPU 77

Brutal game. Learning game for the Falcons –they had been up by a bit and then went through a major scoring drought, so… With that scoring drought, it’s kind of impressive that they managed to keep it as close as they did. We’re aware they were missing a player, but injuries happen. Everyone’s missing someone typically so we’re not super concerned about it. They could have won this game against a very good SMU team and they didn’t; simple as that.

Saints highlights: Cole Preston had 16 points and five boards; Jordan Kitchen had 12 points and five fouls; Rhett Baerlocher had five boards; Tyler Copp continues to impress with 17 points; and Fred Jorg added six boards. Off the bench Trey Ingram had 13 points; and Brandon Kenilvort had 15 points and seven boards.

Falcon highlights: Tony Miller had 33 points and 15 boards; Gavin Long had 14 points and went 10-10 from the line. Off the bench Nathan Streufert had nine boards and six points; and Hunter Eisenhower had six points.

SPU 75 @ MSUB 70

Again: youth. SPU led by 13 at one point and let the Jackets back in. Congrats Jackets on a battle well-fought. Falcon highlights: Tony Miller had 13 points and six boards; Joe Rasmussen had 22 points and five boards; Gavin Long had 25 points an, six boards, and four assists on great shooting; and off the bench Nathan Streufert grabbed seven boards.

Yellowjacket highlights: Preston Beverly had five boards; Marc Matthews had nine points; Jace Anderson grabbed four boards and picked up four assists. Bench play was big for the jackets and in that: Kendall Denham had 11 points and five fouls; Zack Lessinger had 12 points and eight boards; and Cinco durr added five points.

SFU 82 @ NNU 88

Crusaders pulled it out at home, thanks to some okay defense. Not too many highlights for SFU, but a remarkably close score from a program that’s clearly on the upswing. Congrats Crusaders on getting it done.

Clan highlights: Iziah had 20 points and five fouls; Michael Provenzano had 18 points and eight boards while being 12—12 from the charity stripe; and JJ Pankratz had 23 points and seven boards. Off the bench Tyrell Lewin had sven boards.

Crusader highlights: Bouna played 40 minutes and had five boards and 25 points; Kaileb Rodriguez had 15 points; and Maurice Jones was AMAZING AGAIN and had 13 points and 18 boards. Off the bench Carlos Garcia had 10 points; Pol Olivier played r40 minutes (off the bench?) and had 10 points; and Jayden Bezzant had 15 points on great shooting.

UAF 61 @ WOU 68

Close game the whole time and then WOU managed to put it away at home, of course on the back of Tanner Omlid.

Nook highlights: Bangaly had 12 points; Zach Pederson had 15 points and 15 boards, wow; and Brandon Dvis had another 40 minute game. Off the bench Michael Kluting had seven points in just nine minutes.

Wolf highlights: Tanner Omlid had 13 points and 17 boards; Ali had 11 points; JJ Chirnside had 12 points; and off the bench Malik made some noise with 17 points, finally. We were wondering where the numbers were.

Great job to the Nooks for keeping it close -really great score, the Wolves did a good job shutting down Brandon Davis offensively, although defensively he did a great job at continuing the quest and not letting it bring him down.

WWU 85 @ CWU 73

A very normal score. Odd. CWU as noted –not a bad score. WWU is a really good team. They’re not playing for a spot in the tournament at this point, but for their seeding.

Viking highlights: Taylor Stafford played 40 minutes, went 8-8 from the line, and grabbed seven boards; Blake Fernandez had a great game with 12 points, five boards, and seven assist with zero turnovers; Daulton Hommes had eight boards; and off the bench Deandre Dickson had 17 points and 12 boards for the double-double; while Trevor Jasinsky had eight boards and six points.

Wildcat highlights: Dom Hunter had 24 points and six boards; Terry Dawn had nine points; Fuquan gonna Fuquan with 14 points and 14 boards; and off the bench Chris-Michael Garret had six points, five boards, five assists, and four steals, um, YEAH -he also had a block, so full house.

Not as rivalry game-ish as we maybe expected, but congrats to the Vikings on the win!

UAA 67 @ CUPDX 68

Overtime game. We honestly have no idea what went on because Concordia dropped the ball on updating the stats. Sorry UAA =( We apologize to them because home fans whatever, but especially with one of the Alaska schools, really? Really? You’re really going to drop the ball against a fan base that has a legitimate excuse to not be at the game?

Seawolf highlights: Suki had 11 boards; Diante had 14 points while playing the entire 45 minutes; Spencer Svejcar got in foul trouble and thus only sad 23 minutes but still added 12 points and five fouls; Corey Hammell had 12 points and nine boards; and Connor Devine had seven boards and six blcoks in a whopping 41 minutes.

Cav highlights: Drew Martin had nine boards; Latrell finally started and grabbed six boards; Christopher Edward grabbed nine boards and had five fouls; Jarrett Gray had six boards; and 13 points; and off the bench Davis nuauimi had seven points; and Tre Vance had five points.

Congrats to the Cavs on a game well fought, but boooo to your social media department.

Conference Game Day #18 (from last night) will be up soon.

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