Previewing Tonight’s Games

All times pacific.

SPU @ MSUB @ 4:15pm

Who knows? Not us. SPU just lost a game to SMU by a mere three, even while having a couple of massive scoring droughts. MSUB just got swept by the Alaska schools, which is no fun. It’s hard to play at MSUB, SPU/MSUB is rivalry-ish, which is beyond strange. The schools have been playing each other for a long time, the last several years both have almost entirely bald coaching staffs meanwhile being travel partners, and the games have been crazy intense. On the one hand we’re like “MSUB is so skilled, they’re amazing, they’re at home, they’re going to win.” And yet SPU is making a push and regardless as to what can or cannot happen, it’s important to finish strong.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

SFU @ NNU @ 6pm

SFU just got a nice win over WOU. NNU just got swept by Spartin. NNU is playing at home and is a good team and we tend to think they’ll win, but this is a year that anything can and will happen, so… The potential for SFU to get the win is definitely there.

Prediction: NNU wins -no idea on the score.

UAF @ WOU @ 7:30pm

WOU flat out needs to bounce back after the SFU and WWU losses, UAF wants to win, but the Wolves should be entirely fired up at this point. Every game is a pick ’em if you ask us, but this is one that the Wolves should pull out -homecourt, blah blah. It’s not that UAF isn’t 100% capable of beating them even in these circumstances, it’s that there are likely too many guys at WOU that are ready to simply WILL the Wolves to a win.

Prediction: WOU -no idea on the score.

WWU @ CWU @ 8pm.

CWU doesn’t have Naim Ladd and so there’s a desire amongst that fanbase to think the sky is falling. We relate, but in this case we don’t agree. First and foremost: Y’all have Fuquan. Second of all: This is a rivalry game. This is a big, massive, huge, crazy, insane, best-game-of-the-year level rivalry game. This is the Apple Cup of D2 basketball. Anything can and will happen. Still, we’re going to go against our gut:

Prediction: WWU wins.

UAA @ CU-PDX @ 8:15pm

Concordia is a good team, but UAA has far more to play for. The GNAC champ doesn’t get the autobid by any means, but UAA should be in “kill everyone” mode, especially before a big game against WOU on Saturday. Will they over look the Cavs? Again, it’s not a matter of the Cavs not being able to beat the Seawolves, it’s a matter of ‘who sees this win as live or die?’ maybe that’s Concordia, but more likely it’s Anchorage. We’re curious to see how Drew and Christopher Edwards do against an elite rebounding team like the Seawolves.

Prediction: UAA wins.

Should be a great night of basketball. Tweet at us if you want.


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