Player-of-the-Week is… Maurice Jones!

His shooting from the field against SPU was gag worthy, but the Falcons still couldn’t keep him out of the paint, and thus… He had a good game, including picking up five fouls. Against Saint Martin’s he actually was effective, playing forty minutes, grabbing 11 boards, and using four out of his five fouls. A huge reason the score (90-81) doesn’t look like a blowout is because Maurice Jones’ motor never stopped and the coaches never pulled him. We like that attitude -let him pick up his four fouls, you’re not going to be any safer with him out of the game than you are with him in it. Go big or go home.

Going home may be the thing for Mo. He hails from Riverside, California, a city that’s coming to live in infamy here on the GNAC blog -it’s where Cal Baptist is located duh duh duhhhh. They’re really good at basketball, they have deep pockets, they’re in a great location, overall: they’re a big threat, Mo hasn’t utilized a redshirt year as far as we can tell, and there’s already an NNU to CBU pipeline via Alex. We don’t blame him if he leaves in the slightest, we just hope he doesn’t because we’re selfish and think he’s amazing and would rather have him stay and be amazing in the GNAC.

So… Congrats Mo! Hopefully this isn’t our last time naming you player-of-the-week. Good luck against Burningham!

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