Player-of-the-Week is… Preston Beverly!!

We’re actually stunned, double checked the numbers, it was insanely close, we considered splitting the award, but ultimately there was no question:

This is 100% a true win by Preston Beverly and these are easily in the top 10 of best numbers we’ve seen in the three years we’ve been writing the blog by anyone, much less an underclassmen.

What did Preston do this week?

Led his team against a surging Northwest Nazarene team by scoring 28 points, grabbing 11 boards, and approaching the Kristaps Porzingis triple double of SEVEN BLOCKS. As a sophomore! Those are some gooood instincts, positioning, and is a great show of poise for anyone -much less an underclassmen. He ended up with four fouls and we feel 50/50 about it. On the one hand he was likely being saved for over time, on the other hand: you can’t win in over time if you don’t make it to over time, so we tend to fall on the side that he needed more than those 35 minutes. The Yellowjackets didn’t get the win, but it apparently made Preston pretty angry because come the game at CWU, he wasn’t giving up ANYTHING.

The CWU game… At Nicholson… Not quite as good of a performance (although still incredible) and this time he had help. Big help. Shout out to Kamal Tall. Preston ultimately finished with 32 points, 11 boards, SIX ASSISTS with ZERO TURNOVERS, and just two fouls, while being 4-4 from the line, shooting well from the field, and going 4-6 from three, while being in the game for just 32 minutes. The Yellowjackets won by 27 on the back of his consummate ballin’ performance.

We’re so ridiculously proud of him and elated for him and beyond thrilled they picked up the ‘W’ on top of it, especially in such a hostile environment.

Congrats Preston and good luck against the Alaska schools!!

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