Conference Game Day #14

Alright, round two. This day was so much fun. Not for us personally, but when we got home and looked at the results from a conference perspective. We feel guilty writing “we don’t know, we don’t know, we don’t know” all of the time, but the results from this day completely supported the idea that no one can know, and thus it was a great day! It’s March Madness like every game day of the season!

Admittedly we also got to watch Tanner Omlid get a triple-double LIVE AND IN PERSON so that was cool too =) Congrats Tanner!!

WWU 88 @ UAF 94

Hoooooly bananas. We don’t even know what to say, just hoooooly bananas. Holy snow balls? Holy bear claws? WWU was putting it away and it looked like was on their way to a blowout and then the Nooks said “Uhm, NO.”

Viking highlights: Taylor Stafford played 40 full minutes, went 11-12 from the line, and finished with 31 poitns and six boards; Logan Schilder had eight boards; Daulton Hommes had five boards and 18 points in another great display of defensive prowess; and Jeffrey Parker had 12 points. Off the bench Deandre Dickson had nine points, eight boards, and five fouls.

Nanook highlights: Nahjee had 36 points on good shooting while going 9-10 from the line and dishing five assists; Bangaly had a quiet game with 10 points; LaDonavan had a good game with a full house and 10 points among other stats; Zach Pederson was strong with 16 points; and Brandon Davis had another good game including a double-double with 13 points and 10 boards.

Crazy game. Proud of both teams. Proud of the Vikings for carrying on the tradition of losing to UAF -it could say big things; the 2012 team lost at UAF and won a national championship; the 2013 team lost at UAF and made the Final Four. Heads up, Men.

SFU 45 @ UAA 73

Oh dear. You made it through the trip SFU! The Seawolves and Bears got you a bit, but you’re still kicking! Time to use the experience to go and win against WOU and/or Concordia, eh?

Clan highlights: Michael Provenzano went 6-6 from the free throw line.

Seawolf highlights: Suki Wiggs was a free throw monster as much as ever, going 13-15 and finishing with 34 points and seven boards; Diante Mitchell had five boards; Spencer Svejcar had a nice bounce-back game with 22 points and five boards; Corey Hammell took the night off, only grabbing five boards (it’s okay, we forgive you Corey) while playing just 18 minutes; and Connor Devine had five blocks -not quite the D2 Kristaps, but working his way there; sad he’s a senior. Off the bench Damien Fulp had eight points and five assists.

Congrats to the Seawolves on keeping up their tenacity, don’t be too down on yourselves Clan -we’ll say it again: It’s hard to win at UAA.

SPU 70 @ WOU 84

This game was a straight up mess, initially for both teams, but then the Wolves pulled it out. They would have won by easily 30 with all of the turnovers SPU was handing over, but they kept missing open shots. The Falcons had some success getting them to the bottom of the shot clock, but then those shots started falling and it was all over.

Falcon highlights: Coleman Wooten ahd five boards; tony Miller had 18 points and 12 boards; Joe Rasmussen had six boards; and Gavin Long had 25 points. Off the bench Nathan Streufert grabbed five boards.

Wolf highlights: Tanner Omlid had a TRIPLE DOUBLE with 15 boards, 11 steals, and 18 points, PLUS seven assists -at that point, we would’ve killed to see him get the quad. Aside from that, the rest of the Wolves were awesome too: Ali had 17 points; JJ continues to Boss, scoring 17 points and grabbing six boards; and off the bench Yanick Kulich had eight points.

Ridiculously proud of the Wolves; the opponent could have been easy to overlook and while initially they did, they really pulled it together for a great second half performance to kill whatever hope the Falcons might’ve had left when it had been close.

SMU 85 @ CU-PDX 78

The Saints were angry after Thursday? They’re a really good team? Por que no los dos? Si.

Saints highlights: Cple Preston did his thing, although this time that thing included five fouls among five assists and 12 points -we approve; Jordan Kitchen had 10 points and eight boards; Rhett Baerlocher had eight boards; Tyler Copp had 22 points and six boards; and Fred Jorg had a casual double-double with 10 points, 11 boards, and zero fouls in 18 minutes of play. Off the bench Trey Ingram had four assists and nine points; while Brandon Kenilvort made some noise with 14 points and nine rebounds.

Cav highlights: Drew Martin went 7-9 from the line and had nine boards and five fouls; Christopher Edward had a double double with 11 points and 14 boards; Jarrett Gray had a whopping 26 points; and off the bench Latrell Wilson had 14 points.

Relatively exciting game. Not super exciting, but relatively. We were curious to see which way it would go, at the very least.

MSUB 96 @ CWU 69

We’d say we’re surprised and we sort of are but we’re sort of not. MSUB proved early in the year that they’re a REALLY good team. Then they fell of a cliff. CWU had some doubts early in the year, but then proved that they too are a REALLY good team. Parity, parity everywhere. And in that MSUB won and won big and did so ON THE ROAD at CWU, which is seriously impressive. Unfortunately it’s all for naught; CWU’s bubble has likely burst by this point (although a lot depends on the other conferences) and so MSUB oddly enough just created another “needs the auto bid” conference tournament opponent that’s likely really angry at them. Fun. Times. But seriously -for those of us watching from the sidelines? 100%.

Yellowjacket highlights: PRESTON BEVERLY 32 points, 11 boards, six assists, and ZERO turnovers -we is so proud!; Kamal Tall had 10 boards; Jace Anderson had 16 points while going 4-4 fromd downtown; and off the bench KENDALL DENHAM had 19 points and seven boards on pretty darn near perfect shooting.

Wildcat highlights: Marc Rodgers had five assists; Dom Hunter had five boards; Jawan Stepney had 15 points and five boards; and Fuquan had 15 points and eight boards. Off the bench Jerome Bryant made his free throws and finished with nine points.

We’re honestly really stunned. We love the Wildcats, we believe in the Wildcats, and those are not Wildcat numbers. We can understand MSUB blowing out CWU because MSUB is a good team and blowouts happen, but… Nothing but respect. Wow. We truly didn’t expect to see the Wildcats shut down like that, especially not in their own house. Wow. Proud of you MSUB, big thumbs up.

What an amazing night of basketball. Thank-you guys, thank-you guys so much. Sorry the posts went up so late, we’ll get POW noms and the announcement up as soon as we can, and then a discussions post and updated conference standings page hopefully tomorrow.


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