Conference Game Day #13

Better late than never. We’ll have a mini blitz today. One of the big things at our own school a couple of years ago was an issue with distractions and… We’ve been distracted. To the two Falcons that actually read this… Shut-up. We’re still really excited about blogging and this weekend was amazing from a conference perspective and there are so many guys that made us ridiculously proud.

We’ll put these up in four separate posts; the two game days, then POW noms and winner, and then actually probably a ‘Discussions’ post because we finally feel that it’s gotten to be too much and at this point we need to have one, even if what it’ll largely consist of is us saying “WE DON’T KNOW.” We’ll get into the whys of what we don’t know.

CWU 61 @ NNU 73

We keep saying NNU has a good home court advantage and we ain’t been lyin’ bout it. Dem Jihadists are good. We have no idea about the bubble implications for CWU either though, that’s something we’ll be discussing later.

Wildcat highlights: Dom Hunter had 27 points and seven boards; Fuquan Niles was held to just two points and 14 minutes, picking up five fouls, and yet grabbing -11- boards in those fourteen minutes, DANG. Off the bench Cameron Burton had eight points on perfect shooting; Jerome Bryant hat five points; and Sage Woodruff had six points. We really like the little bits we keep seeing out of Sage -excited to see what he does in the future, lots of promise.

Jihadist, er, Crusader highlights: BOUNA had 23 points and five boards; Jayden Bezzant had 11 pooints; Kaileb Rodriguez had 10 points and seven boards; and the always great Maurice Jones won the match-up with Fuquan, finishing with 14 points, 12 boards, and five fouls in 24 minutes. We completely forgot they were matching-up and went to a high school game instead; now we’re sorry we missed it. Off the bench Olamilekan Adetunji had a whopping 12 boards.

Exciting game. Proud of the Crusaders -keep your heads up Wildcats, we still believe in you 100%!

SFU 64 @ UAF 77

Simon Fraser was seriously in it for a very, very long time, even leading by 15, before the Nooks managed to put it away and do so convincingly. Ridiculously proud of the Clan, we feel a win is coming… Just when will it be?

Clan highlights: Iziah had 13 points and nine boards; Michael Provenzano had 19 points; JJ Panikratz finally bounced back with 16 points and eight boards; and off the bench Graham Miller had six points.

Nook highlights: Nahjee had 15 points; Bangaly had 23 poitns and nine boards; LaDonavan Wilder had five boards; Zach Pederson had six boards; and Brandon Davis had an amazing game with 16 points, six boards, and seven assists. Off the bench Michael Kluting had seven points and five boards.

SPU 71 @ CU-PDX 81

We haven’t been able to go to any of the protest stuff because we have a really weak immune system, but we figured we could at least take a stand in the tiny part of the world we inhabit by wearing a rainbow flag at a game between two schools that believe gays are going to hell. If you attend a non-SPU/CU-PDX school and want to suggest/have a gay pride night when one of those schools comes and plays your team, we are 100% in support of it. Love is love and if you can play, you can play.

This game was close for a long time and then the Cavaliers dug deep and got the win.

Falcon highlights: Coleman Wotten had 21 points and nine boards; Tony Miller had 24 points and 12 boards; Joe Rasmussen had seven boards and five fouls; and Gavin Long had 15 points.

Cavalier highlights: Drew Martin had a full house including 22 points, eight boards, and five fouls; Christopher Edwards continues to amaze with 14 points and seven boards on almost perfect shooting; Jarrett Gray had 18 points and seven boards; and off the bench Latrell Wilson had a full house including 17 points and four rebounds.

Overall an interesting game, congrats to the Cavs.

MSUB 81 @ NNU 88

The Jihadist homecourt advantage strikes again. Maybe not so surprising against an MSUB team that we have no idea what they’re doing (they’re GOOD, they’re BAD, they’re OKAY!) but it’s still exciting for a fun Crusaders team! We heart Mo, Kaileb, and Bouna (of course!)  !!

Yellowjacket highlights: Preston Beverly (!!) had 28 points, 11 boards, and -7- blocks; Jace Anderson had 15 points; and Sven had 17 points. Off the bench Kendall Denham had nine points.

Crusader highlights: Bouna played forty full minutes and had 25 points and nine boards; Pol Olivier had seven boards; Kalieb Rodriguez had an incredible 35 points and 11 boards; and Maurice Jones had 14 points and 13 boards. Off the bench Nikola Prvulj proved his worth scoring five points on 5/6 shooting from the charity stripe -make ’em count Nikola! Nicely done.

Ridiculously excited about the play of both teams, MSUB is looking more like themselves, NNU is finding an identity at just the right time in a year when nothing has truly been determined as of yet. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

SMU 73 @ WOU 82

It’s hard to play in Monmouth and the Saints did their darndest but couldn’t get it done against their formal travel partner. Former rival? Is that a thing? Meh. Doesn’t have the same sentiment as MSUB/SPU. Go figure.

Saints highlights: Cole Preston had nine points; Jordan Kitchen had seven boards; Rhett Baerlocher had 16 points; and Fred Jorg had five boards. Off the bench Trey Ingram had 13 points. Trey Ingram and Kendall Denham -twinning.

Wolf highlights: Tanner Omlid had a full house with 23 points, five boards, and six steals amongst other stats; Ali had 13 points and five boards; JJ Chirnside continues to turn it up with 15 points and eight boards; and off the bench Demetrius only played 21 minutes but made them count, scoring 16 points.

Close game, relatively intense game, the Saints play was meh and the Wolves play was uninspired initially but they managed to get inspired and procure a good win. Congrats Wolves!

WWU 79 @ UAA 87

Home den advantage. It is freaking hard to play in Alaska. Everyone says it, WWU is a very good team and they just exemplified it. Anchorage is also a really good team -they’ve been underachieving, so don’t let their record fool you; they’re incredibly good.

Viking highlights: Taylor Stafford played 40 full minutes and had 21 points and eight assists; Logan Schilder had five boards; Dualton Hommes played 40 full minutes and had 13 points and nine boards; and Jeffrey Parker had 14 points. Off the bench Trevor Jasinsky had another big game with 17 points and six boards.

Seawolf highlights: Suki had 32 points on good shooting; Diante Mitchell had a whopping 25 points; Corey Hammell had a nutso 15 boards; and Connor Devine had 11 points. oFf the bench Ashton Pomrehn had six points.

Lived up to the hype of being game of the night. Congrats to both teams on a battle well fought.

Awesome night of basketball. Nights like these remind us why we love the GNAC and D2 basketball so much -any given night.

Conference Game Day #14 up soon.


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