Previewing Today’s Games

Work was crazy and we were lazy, thus yesterday’s stuff’ll go up tomorrow morning.

All times pacific.

SFU @ UAA @ 4:15pm

SFU fought really hard against UAF and kept it close for a super long time before losing in typical fashion. Could they send the conference into even more chaos by upsetting the Seawolves? Doubtful.

Prediction: Seawolves in a landslide.

WWU @ UAF @ 4:15pm

You’re a true Vikings fan if you already know our prediction for this game. For the rest of y’all: WWU has a terrible time at UAF. Doesn’t matter how good they are, doesn’t matter how bad the Nooks are, the Vikings almost always lose at UAF. This year it would be particularly devastating because they just dropped the game to the Seawolves, and yet… Maybe we weren’t right in our prediction. We want to say UAF wins, but now we’re not sure. We’ll consider it an upset if the Vikings do win, just ’cause tradition, and in that, yeah, we’ll go with our pick:

Prediction: UAF wins a close one.

SPU @ WOU @ 5pm

The Falcons are a complete mess and can never win in Monmouth even in good years. The New PE Building is gonna be  poppin’ tonight, so… Falcon blowout? Maybe.

Prediction: Wolves win comfortably, if not by 30. Yikes.

SMU @ CU-PDX @ 7pm

This is actually a really intriguing game because CU-PDX is coming on strong at the right time and has won some impressive games and SMU hasn’t looked as impressive as we’d thought they’d be as of late, so we’re really not sure what’s going to happen. Definitely worth a watch. Both teams have the skills and ability to beat the other comfortably, while at the same time… It all depends on how each team is playing on this particular night.

Prediction: Pick ’em-ish.

MSUB @ CWU @ 7pm

CWU is really good, MSUB is solid, the Wildcats have a huge home court advantage, both teams need this win, CWU we don’t know what to think about their bubble status, hence why we haven’t written anything about it, so… We’ll see.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

There are only so many ways you say “it’s impossible to predict” before it gets repetitive. It’s odd to not have so many discussions posts this year and we get that it’s been a mellow year for the blog, which sort of sucks, but it makes for exciting basketball when you genuinely have no idea what’s going to happen in almost any given game.

Good luck, be safe, have fun, go GNAC!


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