POW Nominations!

…………………………………………….. That’s what we have to say about this last weekend’s games and the performances that they entailed. WOW. People are kicking it up into high gear for the 2nd half of the season and it’s amazing.

Here are the player-of-the-week nominations:

UAF: N/A —> Christopher Edwards of CU-PDX; we finally got to watch him in person and he’s much lither than his numbers suggest. Dude is tiny and yet powerful.
UAA: Suki Wiggs. Both SMU and SPU tried their best to contain him and did a relatively adequate job, but here he is -still nominated for POW.
SFU: N/A —> Joe Rasmussen of SPU; has started to actually maybe sorta kinda play the center position a little.
WWU: Deandre Dickson -Bench say what? Imma stomp you. Great energy.
SPU: Tony Miller -lunch pail basketball player.
SMU: Cole Preston -continues to do the pure point guard thing and do it well.
MSUB: Preston Beverly -’nuff said. Willed them to a win against SFU. All y’all Yellowjackets need to back him up more.
CWU: Fuquan -continues to do the pure center thing and we cannot adequately express our adoration in words.
NNU: N/A —> Corey Hammell -squeaked in by boarding well and not shooting while he apparently felt cold and/or considered himself too well defended. Unselfish player, that’s how he ended up with two Ws this weekend.
CU-PDX: Drew Martin -the most Anye-esque player since Anye. For newer readers: Anye was a super skinny, very smiley 6’7 power forward at WWU a couple of years ago.
WOU: Ali -Bey gonna ball.

Winner’ll be up soon.


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