Conference Game Day #12

Wow, what a night. So proud of every single team.

SFU 86 @ MSUB 93

The Yellowjackets pull it out at home although we’re still confused about what they’re doing, to the point that we’re not sure what to say about SFU -on the one hand, the Clan appears to be improving. On the other, where is this MSUB team on the spectrum? It’s all about context and right now we have none.

Clan highlights: Kedar Wright had 16 points; Iziah Sherman-Newsome had six boards; Michael Provenzano played 40 full minutes and went 7-8 from the line; and JJ Pankratz had 10 points in just 16 minutes. Off the bench Othniel Spence had seven points; and Vinnie Safin had seven boards.

Yellowjacket highlights: Preston Beverly had a good game with nine rebounds, nine blocks, and 35 points; Marc Matthews had five boards; Kamal Tall had 17 points and seven boards; and off the bench Kendall Denham had nine points and seven assists.

Congrats on the ‘W,’ MSUB, keep on trekkin’ SFU -you’ll get at least one win, we can feel it.

CU-PDX 72 @ NNU 74

Terrifying and up and down game, not that we know anything about it because no info escapes out of NNU. Grrr. Oh well; their loss in that department, although they won in the more important one.

Cavalier highlights: Drew Martin had 11 boards and 20 points; Christopher Edward continues to impress grabbing 11 boards; and Taylor Harris had 11 boards as well. Off the bench Latrell Wilson had 10 points.

Crusader highlights: Kaileb Rodriguez had a quiet game for himself but still scored 10 points; Maurice Jones continues to be awesome with 26 points and 13 boards, while being 4-4 from the line and getting four fouls.

Interesting game. Little bit of a let down for the Cavs, but they got it done. Congrats guys!! Ridiculously proud of you.

WOU 85 @ CWU 68

It was close for a while and then WOU walked it up and never really looked back. It was funny to listen to the CWU folks be surprised because… WOU is a really good team. So is CWU, don’t get us wrong, but we had WOU finishing 2nd in the conference -they’re incredibly talented and incredibly well coached. The funny thing is Oregon doesn’t produce a ton of D1 talent, which means that WOU is really well stocked from their own state because they do produce a bunch of D2 talent.

Wolf highlights: Evan Garrison had 10 points while being 6-6 from the line; Tanner Omlid was quiet with a full house among 10 points, four boards, three assists, and four fouls; Ali had 21 points; JJ Chirnside did work against Fuquan Niles, scoring 13 points an grabbing eight boards; and off the bench Demetrius Trammell had 12 points.

Wildcat highlights: March Rodgers had nine points; Fuquan had 11 boards and 12 points in 26 minutes, which is quiet for him; Off the bench Cameron Burton had 21 points; Sage Woodruff continues to contribute good minutes hadding eight points and four boards; and Chris-Michael Garret had five points and six boards.

We had a blast sitting behind WOU and getting a bit of a chance to bond with them and learn some of the context clues of watching their team, so thanks guys!

UAF 74 @ SMU 72

There it is. There’s the Nooks bouncing back. Congrats on the win to UAF, good effort SMU. It’s cliche, but every game is hard fought all across the conference -there are no gimmes this year, not even for a team like WWU. Every day is a battle.

Nook highlights: Nahjee went 7-8 from the line and had six boards, eight assists, and four fouls; Bangaly had 12 points and 11 boards; Zach Pederson was back in this world but still had nine points; Brandon Davis had a full house with 15 points and five boards among other stats.

Saint highlights: Cole Preston had another good game with 23 points, five boards, and six assists; Jordan Kitchen had 10 points; Rhett Baerlocher made a statement with 11 boards; and Tyler Copp had 17 points. Off the bench Brandon Kenilvort added six boards.

Congrats to the Nooks on a hard fought road victory and daps to SMU -you’ll bounce back this week. Good luck against the Wolves of Western Oregon.

UAA 83 @ SPU 81 in OT

Brutal game. To go by losing to a team by 40 to losing in OT is a major change and we’re ridiculously proud of the Falcons -even if it was at home rather than on the road. Congrats to UAA for pulling it out in difficult circumstances.

Wolf highlights: Suki had 34 points; Diante Mitchell was 8-8 from the line; Spencer Svejcar continues to make his case for being on the All-Conference team adding 15 points in on good shooting; and Corey Hammell had 11 boards.

Falcon highlights: Coleman Wooten had six boards and 14 points although went 0-4 from the line -yikes; Tony Miller had 16 boards and 29 points; Joe Rasmussen was perfect from the floor for nine points and five boards; Gavin Long had 13 points; and off the bench Sharif Khan had 10 points.

Congrats to both teams on an incredible battle.

Yet another crazy night of hoops… It’s stressful because we’re pulling for 11 teams but all 11 teams can’t win -there has to be winners and losers, but so much fun. We love all of y’all so much.

POW noms and winner up in the AM.

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