Previewing Tonight’s Games

All times pacific standard.

SFU @ MSUB @ 6pm

If this game doesn’t make MSUB bounce back, we don’t know what will. Good chance for SFU to get a win at MSUB -keep in mind it’s very hard to play at MSUB (broken record) but again: MSUB has looked odd. We have hope though for both teams.

Prediction: Somewhere between pick ’em and MSUB blows out SFU.

CU-PDX @ NNU @ 6:30pm

This feels slightly odd and we can’t figure out why. NNU is a good team, they just lost a close one to WOU meanwhile CU-PDX just got a victory over CWU and should be riding high. NNU is hard to play at and so we’re really not sure what’s going to happen. Play like they did on Saturday and they’ll get the ‘W’ -with NNU, it’s all going to be about limiting turnovers. Both teams have the skills to blow the other out on a bad day, but what will actually happen?

Prediction: Pick ’em.

UAF @ SMU @ 7pm

No idea. UAF just had a close loss against SPU, SMU just had a close loss against UAA. Two completely different teams, and yet… The urge to get that redemption will be the same. SMU is definitely better than UAF, but that by no means, means that the Saints will win. It’s going to come down to who wants it more and the numbers could go either way, although we doubt UAF will blow out SMU, whereas the Saints could blow out the Nooks.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

UAA @ SPU @ 7pm

LOL. UAA is so deep, SPU has no idea what they’re doing. They barely got out of the UAF game because of selfish play and we don’t see things changing. We say this all the time, but UAA has so many options. Their entire starting line-up is all a risk to be lit on fire and so… How do you defend that? If Spencer’s cold they’ll just go to Suki, if Suki’s cold, Diante, if Diante, Corey, if Corey, Conner, if Conner they can get into their bench and then you’re dealing with Augustus, or Damian, or Sjur, or another player that’s yet to really break out but we’re fully aware of that they can. Prepare to get humbled, Falcons.

Prediction: UAA, comfortably at the very minimum.

WOU @ CWU @ 7:30

We’re so excited for this. Game of the night. The Wolves are a really good team with something to prove, the Wildcats are coming off of a tough loss but are also still a really good team. We’re fully in the camp that it would be difficult for the Wildcats’ bubble to burst, but they still of course want to stay on it. We’re also of the opinion that the Wolves bubble has already burst -they’ll definitely be a strong contender for the autobid, but they need every win in order to get back into bubble status.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

The fun starts at 6. Be safe, play hard, go GNAC!

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