Player-of-the-Week Noms!

Better late than never, particularly for the first week we’ve had more eligible people than nominations available in a very long time.

UAF: N/A —> Donated to Taylor Stafford of WWU. With his play, we’re cray cray for Tay Tay. Not really. But other people should be.
UAA: Suki. ‘Cause Suki.
SFU: N/A —> Jawan -two great games between him and Fuquan, reminding that our formula doesn’t mean teammates are competing against each other for POW.
WWU: Jeffrey Parker -completely out of his mind against both CWU and NNU.
SPU: Coleman Wooten -so super we forget he’s a soph.
SMU: Cole Preston -continues to slice and dice.
MSUB: N/A —> Drew Martin of Concordia; continues to serve as a great hybrid. He’s a better boarder than your average wing and a better passer than your average post.
CWU: Fuquan, as noted above. Bangs down low, unstoppable, doesn’t see as many minutes as we think he should.
NNU: Bouna -carries and leads his team. There are other good players, but Bouna serves as the thorax.
CU-PDX: Christopher Edward -we finally got to watch him in person; a bit reminiscent of Anye Turner from a couple of years ago. High praise.
WOU: N/A —> Corey Hammell of UAA, had a couple of nice games. Not much shooting, but makes his free throws and grabs the boards.

So much awesome play this week. Rhett Baerlocher of SMU was eligible for nomination but didn’t quite grab a spot. Spencer Svejcar and Connor Devine of UAA were right on the edge of being eligible. Great play, lots of guys with two very solid games.

Winner’ll be up soon.

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