Conference Game Day #11

First of all, on the horizon today: Last week’s POW noms + winner, looking at the Pac-West and CCAA at the halfway point, and mid-season All-Conference teams. No idea what the timing’ll be but we’ll do it as we get the chance -theoretically every few hours.

For now, we’ll jump into a super fun day of play, although starting with Tuesday:

SFU 56 @ WWU 100

The score says pretty much all you need to know, although maybe not: WWU didn’t play as well as usual, so go figure.

Clan highlights: Kedar Wright had six boards and 15 points while being 5-5 from the line.

Viking highlights: Taylor Stafford had 20 points and three steals; Blake Fernandez had nine points on perfect shooting; Logan Schilder had eight boards and 10 points; and Daulton Hommes had eight boards and 10 points. Off the bench Brett Kingma had 17 points on 5-7 shooting from three point land; Deandre Dickson had eight boards and 14 points; and Trevor Jasinsky had five boards, three steals, and eight points.

WWU 81 @ MSUB 68

Not the best game from the Vikings, but teamwork makes the dream work. The Yellowjackets do appear to be bouncing back, but WWU is a very good team and so it’s hard to do it against someone like that.

Viking highlights: Logan Schilder had seven boards; Daulton Hommes had seven boards; and Jeffrey Parker had seven boards and 18 points. Off the bench Deandre Dickson stepped up adding seven boards, four blocks, and 15 points; and Trevor Jasinsky went for it, ending up with four boards, five fouls, and 20 points

Yellojacket highlights: Preston Beverly had 10 boards and 27 points; Jace Anderson had 18 points and was 4-4 from the line; and off the bench Kendall Denham had five boards and five points; while Jordan Perry had five boards.

Interesting game. WWU got their revenge. Congrats to the Viks on that and have fun against SFU on Saturday to the Yellowjackets.

WOU 69 @ NNU 67

In close games we tend to side with the home team, hence our prediction that if it was close NNU would win. What did them in? Turnovers. They had 20 compared to WOU’s mere 10. Still, a very exciting game that we know little about because NNU is a black hole. At least they believe in black holes, unlike CU-PDX.

Wolf highlights: Tanner Omlid was out of his mind -shooting terribly, but out of his mind on field stats- ending up with nine boards, six assists, six steals, three blocks, and four fouls; and Ali had five boards. Off the bench Malik Leaks had eight points.

Crusader highlights: Bouna had 12 points and five boards; Pol Olivier had 11 points; Jayden Bezzant had 16 points; and Kaileb Rodriguez had 10 boards and nine points. Off the bench Nikola and Olamilekan had seven points a piece, although the latter also added in seven boards. Nicely done.

Soooo close NNU, but WOU is a good team and you should be proud of this performance. Congrats to the Wolves on prevailing.

CU-PDX 95 @ CWU 90

Hooooooly……….. We’re going to talk about this game. We were at it and it was going as expected and we were trying to kill the player-of-the-week math (which we did, so results will be up soon-ish) and then as we were finishing up (15 minutes left in the 2nd half or so) Concordia tied it up and then it was a game of cat and mouse that Concordia ultimately won. Congrats Cavs! CWU is really good, but that post’ll go up a bit later.

Cavalier highlights: Drew Martin had nine boards and 25 points; Christopher Edward was kept relatively quiet, merely grabbing eight boards and going 4-4 from the line; Jarrett Gray had 17 points and five boards; and Taylor Harris had 11 points and six boards. Off the bench Latrell Wilson went off, finsihing wtih 22 points; and Tre’ Vance had five boards.

Wildcat highlights: Dom Hunter was nuts, with 34 points and six assists; Jawan Stepney had 20 points and nine boards; and Fuquan Niles continues to prove that he’s the real deal scoring 16 points, grabbing 17 boards, and blocking five shots.

Very exciting game, very fun game. Initially we were sitting there like “Why did we show up to this? This was a dumb idea.” But we knew POW stuff wouldn’t get done at home and so in the first half as we went through that we’d resigned ourselves to ‘okay, whatever, it was a fun drive.’ And then it got AWESOME. Maybe not for the CWU peeps, but consider yourselves more thoroughly tested. We honestly don’t think this loss does anything to you, except grates on your nerves. From a post-season perspective it doesn’t matter in our opinion.

UAA 67 @ SMU 63

Whoaaaa. SMU harassed the Seawolves within an inch of their life, but ultimately couldn’t pull it through.

Seawolf highlights: Suki Wiggs went 12-13 from the line and had six boards; Diante Mitchell went 7-7 from the line; Spencer Svejcar slid a bit, but that speaks to great defense by SMU, he finished with 15 points; Corey Hammell had 10 boards; and Connor Devine had five fouls.

Saint highlights: Cole Preston continues to impress with 19 points on good shooting -if a point guard is going to be allowed to shoot, they better be going in; Jordan Kitchen had six boards; Brandon Kenilvort moved into the starting line-up and had eight boards and 10 points. Off the bench Fred Jorg had 18 points and seven boards.

Crazy game. We’re so proud of both teams -UAA for winning on the road, SMU for playing their own game, committing to defense, and really working together well.

UAF 69 @ SPU 72 in OT

If you were watching the CWU game and heard the word “Falcons” it was probably us screaming at our phone. This game was nuts. We told you to watch out for the Nooks. After a game like this we’re really curious to see what they do against SMU -both teams will be coming off of tough losses, thus it should be quite the dog fight.

Nook highlights: Nahjee had 17 points; Zach Pederson had eight boards; Brandon Davis had an awesome game with 14 points, five steals, and four fouls; and off the bench Lorenzo Graham had 12 points.

Falcon highlights: Coleman had six boards; Tony Miller had 14 points and 20 points; Joe Rasmussen had seven boards; Gavin Long had 10 points and six boards. And off the bench Sharif Khan added six points; and Nathan Streufert six points and seven boards.

Congrats to both teams on a high intensity game well played.

Ridiculously fun night of basketball, grateful we could be a part of it. More posts up soon, game previews up tomorrow morning.

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