Previewing Tonight’s Games

We swear, we’ll do a POW and mid-season blog blitz at some point in the next 30 hours. There were a lot of great performances last week.

That being said: Let’s actually look at tonight’s games ON TIME.

All times pacific.

WWU @ MSUB @ 6pm

This is going to be a war. MSUB just was blown out twice, now they’re back at home against a team that they’ve already beaten on the road once this season. WWU on the otherhand just got to beat up on SFU, thus they’re likely itching for some real competition after the craziness of the CWU game on Satuday night. Should be good.

Prediction: WWU wins big or MSUB pulls out a close one.

WOU @ NNU @ 6:30pm

We’re more curious about this one than we feel like we should be. The Crusaders are so 50/50 on what they can do on any given night. They beat Anchorage, WOU didn’t beat Anchorage by much, the Crusaders have a surprisingly good homecourt advantage, but on the other hand… The Wolves are still a really talented team, and so it wouldn’t surprise us if it was a blow out in their favor.

Prediction: Again: WOU wins big or NNU wins a close one.

UAA @ SMU @ 7pm

SMU had a couple of great wins last week, UAA had a great win and a heart attack, but who will prevail? If the SMU players are smart, they’ll still be nursing a grudge about UAA losing to CWU and thus kicking the Saints out of the conference tournament last year. If UAA is smart, they’ll be rubbing their hands together going “Stupid upstarts, get ready to get put in your place in your own house.” We don’t know how smart either team is though. We should probably say SMU, because they have way more blog readers than UAA does, but… Eh. UAA has the saltiest collective mouths in the conference, so we do have a soft spot for them.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

UAF @ SPU @ 7pm

The Falcons got a “nice” win over downward spiraling MSUB on Saturday. We don’t trust that. UAF lost big to WOU, a team the Falcons played close. We still don’t trust the Falcons, at all. UAF we still feel like we haven’t figured them out, likely in large part because they haven’t yet figured themselves out, but when they do: WATCH OUT. Will that be tonight? We’ll see.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

CU-PDX @ CWU @ 7:30

CWU is coming off of a brutal loss at WWU, CU-PDX made good progress against UAA. CWU is definitely the more talented team, it’s insanely hard to play at Central, shouldn’t be too big of a deal for the Wildcats.

Prediction: CWU wins big.

Should be a pretty good night of games. Tweet at us! Theoretically we’re headed out to CWU to renew covenants with the Concordia peeps -come say hi!


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