Conference Game Day #10

That was weird. It’s rare we’re so off, but fun. Just goes to show how wacky and how much parity our conference has this year. We’ll get into more of that in the coming few days. We’ll do our mid-season all conference teams and discuss stuff and it’ll be great. The ‘standings’ page is already updated, but we’ll link it when we do the mid-season stuff because we’re lazy now and yet it is interesting.

MSUB 75 @ SPU 94

We said we had no logical reason to think SPU would win. Not that we didn’t think they would. Hoooomer. And it’s gotten so much worse as of late and we don’t care.

Yellowjacket highlights: Preston Beverly had five boards; Marc Matthews had six boards; Jordan Perry had a crazy amazing game off the bench scoring 17 points and grabbing six boards in just 24 minutes.

Falcon highlights: Coelman Wooten was lights out (except from the line) and had 23 points and six boards; Tony Miller had 17 points and eight boards; Joe Rasmussen had 18 points; and Gavin Long had 14 points and five boards. And off the bench Hunter Eisenhower had eight points.

We still wholeheartedly believe in MSUB. Not sure entirely what’s up -people are putting more focus on shutting down preston and Marc, which means that Kendall and Zach and Cinco and other guys we’ve seen have really awesome games need to respond and take some of the heat off and make the shots that need to be made.

NNU 80 @ SFU 74

More parity. But then again SFU almost beat WWU, so go figure.

Crusader highlights: Bouna played 40 full minutes and had 19 points and 10 boards; Kaileb Rodriguez had 23 points and seven boards; and Maurice Jones had 15 points and 11 boards. oFf the bench Nikola and Marko both had six points and four boards.

Clan highlights: Kedar Wright had 23 points and eight boards; and Michael Provenzano had seven assists; while off the bench Hidde Vos had 16 points.

WOU 83 @ UAF 51

Woof. We don’t know that we’ve ever seen UAF lose that badly in their own gymnasium. We’re sure they’ll be better next time. WOU’s a good team. Nothing to be ashamed of; the Wolves were also likely frustrated with their less-than-ideal play in the loss to the Seawolves two nights earlier.

Wolf highlights: Akil Reese had 14 points; Tanner Omlid bounced back somewhat with 19 points and five boards; Ali had five boards and nine points; and JJ Chirnside continues to step up with seven boards and four steals. Off the bench Demetrius had 15 points; and Bryan Berg had 22 points.

Nook highlights: Nahjee had nine points; Bangaly was shut down and had five boards; Brandon Davis also had five boards. Off the bench LaDonavan had seven points; and Spencer Clark also had seven points.

Congrats to the Wolves, you’ll bounce back Nooks.

CU-PDX 75 @ UAA 77

So close and yet so far. Good teams win when the going gets tough -congrats to the Seawolves on pulling it out.

Cav highlights: Drew Martin had a full house with eight boards and 18 points among other stats; Christopher Edward had 10 points and seven boards; Jarrett Gray had a great game from beyond the arc, going 7-9 and ending up with 21 points and five assists; Harris Taylor had nine points and six boards. Off the bench Latrell Wilson had 15 points and Tre’ Vance had five fouls in 13 minutes.

Seawolf highlights: Spencer Svejcar continues to be the man, finishing with 19 points on good shooting; Corey Hammell went 10-10 from the charity stripe and finished with a double-double of 14 points and 11 boards; and Connor Devine threw his weight (what little he has) around as a center, grabbing six boards, five blocks, and 10 points.

Rough game for both teams, sort of. We feel like this is arguably the best game we’ve seen the Cavs play and one of the not-so-good games we’ve seen the Seawolves play, so there is something to that.

CWU 89 @ WWU 100

This game was crazy and CWU didn’t play very well if we’re being honest. It was close all game until WWU broke it open a bit at the very end (in the final two minutes) but again: CWU played worse than we’ve seen them play in a good while and it was still close until the final two minutes. Rivalry gonna rivalry.

Wildcat highlights: Dom Hunter had 30 points; Jawan Stepney had 21 points, seven boards, and six assists; Fuquan Niles had 16 points and nine boards while being 7-8 from the field in just 21 minutes. THAT IS CENTER PLAY. THAT IS WHAT CENTER PLAY SHOULD BE. Okay. *breathes* All the rest of y’all centers should and are perfectly capable of playing like that, so why you don’t we’re not sure.

Viking highlights: Taylor Stafford played the full 40 minutes and finished with five boards and 29 points; Blake Fernandez had nine points; Logan Schilder had six boards and 16 points on 7-8 shooting, which again: THAT IS CENTER PLAY. THAT IS WHAT CENTER PLAY SHOULD BE. Continuing: Daulton Hommes had seven boards; and Jeffrey Parker had a great game with 27 points and five boards. Off the bench Trevor Jasinsky had 10 points and five boards.

This game was nuts and we were feeling really apathetic about going and now we’re like “how and why would we have ever considered not going” because it was amazing and incredible and congrats to the Vikings for shutting down Naim. You’d think “dude’s 5’7, it’s not that hard” but IT IS. He’s legit. We’re ridiculously proud of both teams and can’t wait to catch it on the flip side of the state.

Overall a pretty fun night of basketball. “You just think it was fun because SPU finally won and WWU actually displayed competent center play.” Um, we rooted like heck for CWU throughout and we sit surrounded by WWU players’ families, so all of the cheering we did for y’all: You’re welcome. We’re also glad that SFU put up a good fight, CU-PDX put up a really good fight, WOU finally had another dominant game, and life was just happy in GNAC-land. We’re sorry for the Nooks, but WOU is a good team and that loss while brutal, makes our conference look stronger which still gives you more opportunity than you’d otherwise have. It was one game. It doesn’t mean anything in terms of your season, but it does mean something in regard to the capabilities of the Wolves.

POW will be up tomorrow. A post about the west region will go up on Tuesday and then GNAC discussions Wednesday.

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