Previewing Tonight’s Games

Yes, the SPU game just started and here we are, but we haven’t looked at it just yet.

All times pacific.

MSUB @ SPU @ 4:30

Rivalry-ish. No idea. MSUB probably wins unless SPU finally gets their stuff together. They have the talent to win, but it’s just doubtful. A lot is going wrong with that program right now and of anyone on the planet, we would be the ones freaking out about it, but honestly we’re not; they should ultimately be fine. For now it’ll be what it’ll be. They know what they have to do and they’re capable of doing it, although injuries have in fact decimated their starting line-up -they’re still 100% wholly capable of winning games, including this one. We just have no logical reason for believing they will.

Prediction: MSUB.

NNU @ SFU @ 7pm

NNU should win unless SFU decides that they’re fed up. We like the NNU team this year -not as talented as three years ago, but their transfers have been really impressive and we believe in their ability to win.

Prediction: NNU.

WOU @ UAF @ 8pm

WOU and UAF actually should match-up pretty well this year, but we think the WOU team has more talent and ultimately will win. It is hard to play in the Patty Center, which could give the Nooks more of a chance than they’d have otherwise, but WOU still should pull it out just fine.

Prediction: WOU on some level -close or comfortably.

CUPDX @ UAA @ 8pm

LOL. Have fun Cavs. It’s fun to play at UAA because they do have the nice gym and we love, love, love their old facility (which you likely practiced in at some point). Good luck and try and learn something -you in a sense match-up well with Anchorage because y’all have good people, UAA just has better and more experienced people right now.

Prediction: UAA wins big-ish.


The rivalry, of course:

CWU @ WWU @ 7pm

Anything can happen in a rivalry game. CWU rebounds well, Fuquan is majestic, but WWU’s been impressive too. We’re not sure what they’ll do to respond to Fuquan -distribute is the easy answer. Logan is too soft to match-up well with Fuquan at this point. He’s reminiscent of Gilles Dierickx last year, although has another two years to shift up, which is nice. Overall we think CWU probably technically has more talent but WWU is able to utilize their talent more.

Prediction: WWU.


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