Previewing Tonight’s Games

All times pacific.

CWU @ SFU @ 5:15

When you place your men before your women to try and get people to come to the men’s game. We know pretty much nothing about GNAC women’s basketball beyond Go Wolves!! (The WOU women played tons of back-to-backs with the SPU men, thus they’re mine), but we do know that the SFU women are usually amazing. The men’s game against CWU? Can’t spell ‘slaughter’ without ‘laughter.’

Prediction: CWU wins big.

NNU @ WWU @ 7pm

This is the time when WWU should start to roll. They’ve looked amazing as of late and we don’t anticipate that being any less against NNU. They’ve got rival CWU on Saturday and thus this will serve as a great tune-up game for that. The Crusaders are by no means a bad team -they’re actually really good compared to how they typically are- but what’s funny about this WWU team is that they would only consider themselves to be ‘above average’ not ‘great’ because while they’ve made child’s play of our conference thus far, it’s nothing like what they’ve done in years past.

Prediction: WWU wins comfortably.

CU-PDX @ UAF @ 8pm

It could be an exciting game? Maybe? It’s hard to play at Fairbanks and Concordia definitely has a number of good guys -Christopher Edward, Latrell Wilson, and Drew Martin most noticeably. UAF has Brandon Davis, Bangaly Kaba, and Zach Pederson. While Bangaly is definitely the best player in the game, basketball is about teamwork and we’re actually pretty impressed with Christopher Edward. We feel like UAF ultimately will win, but it’ll be a really interesting game through wide chunks -CU-Portland should even be up by eight or so sometime around the 12 minutes left in the 2nd half mark.

Prediction: Mildly interesting. UAF wins.

WOU @ UAA @ 8pm

Very interesting game, but we just don’t see WOU winning it. Ali is streaky, Tanner is always consistent, but it’s hard to play in Anchorage and UAA has so many people that can get hot on any given night that we don’t even know who it’ll be. Spencer has been amazing as of late, but Suki and Corey both have been down thus are do for a big game any time. They also have Connor Devine and Diante Mitchell, that while overshadowed are still great in their own right. The Seawolves just dropped a heartbreaker at MSUB, thus it’s time for a bounce-back win.

Prediction: UAA wins comfortably.

MSUB @ SMU @ 9pm

Yup, on late because it’s on Root. Count how many bandwagon fans you can see. We were at the SMU/SPU game and we were louder than their entire student section while we were sitting there dealing with POW stats that we’d procrastinated on. Still -regardless of all their band-wagoning- it should be a really good match-up and we’re really excited for it. No telling who’ll win. If you held a gun to our head and said ‘pick’ we’d say MSUB and then hope that the bullet put us out quickly. We love both teams -travel partner love on all sides.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

Should be a fun enough evening. Good luck to all of the guys -be safe, play smart, all that jazz.


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