POW Noms

Tough week of games, but still a very impressive week for various guys:

UAA: Spencer Svejcar -continues to be the man. Beasted both nights.
WWU: Deandre Daniels -monster off the bench.
SPU: Tony Miller -he and Coleman continue to carry the torch (ha! SPU logo) in a very odd season of Falcon basketball.
MSUB: Preston Beverly -Sophomore Superstar.
CWU: Jawan Stepney -good all around numbers both nights.
NNU: Maurice Jones -continues to be the best player on the Crusaders. Transfer power!

Yup. No extra nominations for ANY team. That’s what parity will do. We considered lessening our standards, but we felt like that wasn’t fair to the guys that are hitting these numbers, which are totally within reason. The numbers required to be nominated for player of the week are simply above average; they’re not insane. It’s two good performances. Not two great performances; just a minimum of two good performances.

Winner’ll be up soon.

Discussions… We’ll do a discussions post next week because we’ll have hit the middle of conference play. It’s weird not having discussions posts because in every other year there’s been TONS to discuss because all of the games seem super interconnected, whereas this year we’re just not seeing that connection. Each game is essentially 100% autonomous. There’ll be more implications with the second half of conference play, but right now all of the discussions it seems like we need to have are able to be had within talking about each game.

We will check in with the CCAA and Pac-West next week -we honestly have no idea what they’re doing, so we are curious about Regional host implications.


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