Player-of-the-Week is… Preston Beverly!

AKA the Sophomore Superstar.

Preston had a couple of lights out games against the Alaska schools, which is impressive in part because the Alaska schools are really good, but also in part because they were able to push what’s usually a very slow and methodical MSUB team into a frenetic pace and the Yellowjackets responded just fine, in large part thanks to Preston’s play.

Against Alaska-Anchorage he shot 50% from the field, was 6/7 from the line, and had six rebounds, six assists, and four fouls. He had three turnovers, but the ball was constantly in his hands; the team had a low turnover total overall, thus when entrusted to be the man, he stepped up. It’s so much fun for us to watch because we hate the trend of the slumping sophomore… Preston is definitely not that.

When the Jackets took on the Nooks four days later, Preston again carried his team to a victory, this time with 28 points, 10 boards, three assists, two steals, four blocks, and ZERO turnovers. He again shot right around 50% from the field, although was less than stellar from the line, going 6/10.

Congrats Preston on a couple of great performances and good luck this week against Spartin!


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