Conference Game Day #8

What an incredible night of basketball. We had a blast hanging out with (and confusing) the NNU people. We love when people come and talk to us, so if you see that we’re attending the same game you are, come say ‘hi’! We’re usually either directly behind the opposing team’s bench or in the inner corner across from the opposing team’s bench. We’re rarely quiet; just find the person screaming their head off.

SPU 80 @ NNU 85

The Falcons need to get their poop together and do it quickly. They for the most part led but then couldn’t put it away at the end. This is a young team -typical loss for a young team. The Falcons also just switched up their coaching staff mid-season, so… We’ll see. Great win for NNU to get.

Falcon highlights: Coleman Wooten had 11 boards; Tony Miller had 34 points and nine boards; Joe Rasmussen had nine points; Gavin Long had 13 points; and off the bench Nathan Streufert had six boards.

Crusader highlights: Bouna had 18 points and was 6-6 from the line; Kaileb Rodriguez had 16 points and six boards; and Maurice Jones had a double-double with 16 points and 14 boards. Off the bench Nikola Prvulj had 11 points; and Olemilkan Adetunji had six points and seven boards.

Disappointing and very ugly game for the Falcons, but a nice win for the Crusaders.

UAF 94 @ MSUB 99

MSUB is back this year. We’re so excited. We’ve long loved the Yellowjackets -they may not be our undergrad’s travel partner any more, but they’re still special. And to be fair we loved SMU even before they became our travel partner, so we can still love MSUB now that they’re not. Worry not Nanooks -we love you too.

Nook highlights: Nahjee Matlock had seven assists; Bangaly had 18 points, six boards, and five fouls; Zach Pederson had 19 points and eight boards; and in 40 full minutes Brandon Davis had a lights-out shooting performance with 40 points and six boards. Off the bench LaDonavan Wilder had six points.

Jacket highlights: Preston Beverly had 28 points, 10 boards, and a perfect full house (no turnovers); Marc Matthews had a full house including 20 points; Jace Anderson scored 16 points on literally perfect shooting; and Sven Jeuschede had 14 points and seven boards. Off the bench Kendall Denham had seven points.

Fun to see MSUB play at tempo -the Nooks pushed them into the run game and they said ‘okay’ even though they themselves prefer a much more methodical style of basketball.

SMU 69 @ CWU 84

Solid win for the Wildcats. Doesn’t make SMU look terrible, just makes CWU look convincing. Nice job to both teams.

Saint highlights: Cole Preston had 14 points; Jordan Kitchen had 12; Rhett had six boards; Tyler Copp went 6-6 from the line; Fred had nine boards; and off the bench Brandon Kenilvort had nine points. Not the best performance by the Saints, but it is what it is.

Wildcat highlights: Marc Rodgers had 10 points; Naim Ladd had 17 points and six assists; Terry Dawn got his groove back and had 13 points and five boards; Jawan Stepney had 22 points and seven boards; and Fuquan Niles had 11 points and seven boards.

Both teams just gotta keep on grindin’ -you know how we do.


SFU 70 @ CU-PDX 97

Reveeeeeenge. Last year SFU got their first win of the season while at CU-PDX.

Clan highlights: Iziah Sherman-Newsom had nine points; and JJ Pankratz had nine points. Off the bench Othniel Spence had 17 points; Andrew Williamson had five points; and Kedar Wright had 14 points and eight boards.

Cavalier highlights: Drew Martin had 24 points; Latrell Wilson had 19 points, six boards, and four assists; Christopher Edward had 10 points and seven rebounds among a perfect full house; and off the bench Bryan Michaels had 18 points.

Zero defense. The Cavaliers shot way too well. But they won, so that’s what matters, eh?

WWU 84 @ WOU 76

Good come back win for the Vikings. Every time we saw a score update WOU was winning but then WWU pulled it out. Would have been a sweep for the home teams had the Wolves won.

Viking highlights: Taylor Stafford played 40 full minutes, scored 23 points, and grabbed six boards; and Daulton Hommes had 23 points. The bench was on fire -Blake Fernandez had 10 points, four boards, and four assists; and DEANDRE DICKSON went off with 23 points and 13 boards.

Wolf highlights: Tanner Omlid had 19 points, 12 boards, and five fouls; and Ali had 17 points.

Difficult, hard fought game for both. Really fun. We almost wish we had been there, but we hate the WOU drive and hadn’t been to NNU in three years so it was important that we go and renew our covenants with the Nampa folks. Still -we’re super proud of you Wolves and Vikings and can’t wait to watch y’all play at Whatcom!

Tons of good games. We’re so proud of all of the guys. We can’t wait for Thursday and for the mess of conference play to continue. The chart will be updated soon to reflect all of this stuff, and as noted: We now have carved out an hour for ourselves to blog on week day mornings, so things should calm down in regard to the wacky posting schedule.


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