Previewing Tonight’s Games


Literally every game tonight is amazing, so… Let’s talk about it.

All times pacific.

SPU @ NNU @ 6pm

NNU is really good at home. SPU is doing a mid-season rebuild. This is a massively critical win for the Falcons to pick up, but NNU is a good team and it’s going to be a big challenge, especially on the Crusaders home turf. We could see it going any number of was -Falcon blow out, Falcons get blown out, close with NNU winning, close with SPU winning.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

UAF @ MSUB @ 6:30

Broken record: MSUB is good at home, UAF needs a win, let’s see who pulls it out. We’re not anticipating a blowout on either side, just because they do feel so evenly matched. It could happen, but we expect it to be close although have no idea who’ll win.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

SMU @ CWU @ 7pm

Another game full of intrigue. The Saints just got beat good by the Crusaders, it seems odd that they’d then go on to pick up a win against the Wildcats, but they want to get things back in gear, the Wildcats just played and intense game against SPU, they want to keep the ball rolling, we’ll see. We could see CWU blowing out SMU, but not the other way around. If it’s close it could go either way -CWU’s homecourt doesn’t go down without a fight, but SMU got through it last year, so… We’ll see.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

SFU @ CU-PDX @ 7pm

Time for SFU to get a win and tell Concordia that they’re the new conference doormat? Or time for Concordia to be like “Um, no, we were in the best NAIA conference, so you can sit down with your whole comparing us to you thing. We are NOTHING alike.” Uh huh, sure Concordia, you guys are nothing like, namely that SFU is one of the best research schools on the continent and CU-Portland thinks the earth was created 8,000 years ago. No but seriously, we don’t even have an inkling who’ll win and just are hoping for a good game.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

WWU @ WOU @ 7pm

Border war, D2 edition? Definitely our game of the night, although seriously: Watch any game and you can’t go wrong. It would be HUGE for WOU to pick up this win, it seems necessary because they’re at home, there’s going to be a lot of hype going into it and rightfully so, we expect both teams to come out swinging, but in that sense it’s just as big for WWU. Road wins? Yes please. At one of the top teams in the conference? Even better.

Prediction: Western wins.

It should be a great night. We’ll be following everything on our phone and try and keep you guys somewhat updated about whatever is going on with the game we’re at.


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