Conference Game Day #7

Alright, we’re revamping our schedule to give ourselves basketball blogging time in the morning, so hopefully this is the last “regular” super late post. Started a new job this Fall, full time, we love it, we’re good at it, we’ve got great bosses (that also love basketball), but that whole work/life (ahem basketball) balance thing.

UAF 63 @ UAA 76

Arguably the GNAC’s truest rivalry (sorry WWU/CWU) because they actually are travel partners and true rivals. Very exciting stuff. The game… We thought it was exciting, and it was at first, and then in the second half UAA walked away and that was that.

Nook highlights: Bangaly had nine assists and five boards; Zach Pederson had 10 pionts; and off the bench Lorenzo Graham had 14 points; and Michael Kluting had eight pionts and five boards.

Seawolf highlights: Suki bounced back and had 17 points and seven boards; Diante Mitchell had 16 points and was 6/6 from the line; Spencer Svejcar had another great game with 24 pionts, seven boards, and three assists (no T/Os!); and Connor Devine had nine points and a whopping six blocks. Off the bench Augustus Simmers had six points and five boards.

Corey Hammell was kept quiet… Nice achievement Nooks. That’s difficult. Also congrats to UAA on the win.

SPU 85 @ CWU 89

We’re good with that. We’re so relieved right now we can’t even talk. Still not sure how we feel about the Falcons odds of making the conference tournament.

Falcon highlights: Sharif Khan had nine points; Coelman Wooten had 10 boards; Tony Miller had a double-double with 14 points and 11 boards; Joe Rasmussen had 20 points and five boards; and Gavin Long had 17 points and five boards. Off the bench Hunter Eisenhower had six points.

Wildcat highlights: Naim Ladd had 26 points and four steals; Dom Hunter had 20 points and five assists; Jawan Stepney had 13 points, four boards, and five assists; and Fuquan Niles had six boards and four blocks. Off the bench Marc Rodgers had nine points; Jerome Bryant had six points; and Sage Woodruff had nine points and five boards.

CWU had the Falcons by the neck and they battled back. They didn’t win, but this is for the most part a super young team, so… Hopefully a good learning experience. But also a great ‘finish’ experience for the Wildcats.

WWU 74 @ CU-PDX 64

Not the best performance by the Viks, but they got it done. Concordia didn’t look bad, but sadly it wasn’t enough to beat this very good Vikings team -even on an off day.

Viking highlights: Taylor Stafford was 6/6 from the line; Trey Drechsel had eight boards; Daulton Hommes had 15 points and eight boards while being 4-4 from the line; and off the bench Trevor Jasinsky had 16 points and nine boards.

Cavalier highlights: Drew martin had 14 points and five boards; Christopher Edward had 17 points and six boards; and off the bench Bryan Michaels had 19 points and eight boards.

Cavs put up good numbers for the most part, even if they were minimal.

SMU 69 @ NNU 82

NNU low-key has a pretty legit home court advantage. Teams get terrorized in there, but then again… Crusaders = Jihadists of yesteryear.

Saint highlights: Cole Preston had six assists; Jordan Kitchen had 12 points; Fred Jorg had 18 points; and off the bench Brandon Kenilvort had 10 points.

Crusader highlights: Bouna had 11 points; Jayden Bezzant had 16 points; Kaileb shot fantastically and had 22 points; Maurice Jones not what we’re used to seeing but still went 6-6 from the line and had 10 boards.

Interesting game. We really know nothing about it other than the numbers, but congrats to the Crusaders on a good win, and keep on grinding to the Saints -be really nice (and a tall order) to get a win at CWU.

SFU 60 @ WOU 85

Overlook who?

Clan highlights: JJ Pankratz had nine points and five boards; Tyrell Lewin had a monster game off the bench scoring 16 points and seven boards on 7-7 field shooting.

Wolf highlights: Evan Garrison had five boards and four assists; Tanner Omlid had five boards and four steals; Ali had 20 points, three boards, three assists, and three steals; and JJ Chirnside had 12 points, NINE BLOCKS, and seven boards. WHOAAAA. Fred Jorg, did you see that?? JJ better be careful or he’ll dislodge Corey Hammell as our favorite current GNAC player. Off the bench Demetrius Trammell impressed yet again with 13 points; Bryan Berg added nine points; Isaiah Edwards seven points and five boards; and Malik Leaks six points in just six minutes of play.

The Wolves were revving their engines. Can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow night.

UAA 68 @ MSUB 69

This game 100% did not disappoint. Proud of you Yellowjackets! But also proud of the Seawolves for a great fight in one of the [other] most difficult places to play in the GNAC.

Seawolf highlights: Diante Mitchell shot well and had 10 points; Spencer Svejcar had 12 points; Corey Hamell had a nice bounce back game with a double-double including 15 points and 12 boards; Connor Devine had six blocks.

Yellowjacket highlights: Preston Beverly had 22 points, six boards, six assists, and four fouls while being 6/7 from the line; Kmal Tall had 10 points and seven boards; and Jace Anderson had 12 points.

Crazy hard game. Fantastic. We were keeping up with the updates, so thank-you to UAA and MSUB for being on top of it.

Wondrous night of basketball. We’re reaaaaally excited for Saturday. Game previews’ll be up in the AM.


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