Previewing Tonight’s Games

All times pacific.

SMU @ NNU @ 6pm

We want to watch this game. We’ll be driving, but the teams are very evenly matched and walking along the same path in that they’re tiny religious schools in undesirable places. SMU is definitely farther along that path and in a rather more desirable place to live, but there are still a lot of parallels. We’ll try and check in; if you’re actively watching, tweet updates at us because NNU is a black hole in terms of game updates.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

UAA @ MSUB @ 6:30pm

One of the two highly recommended games to watch tonight. MSUB is great at home, UAA is great anywhere but has had some hiccups on the road -notably at NNU, and then almost at CWU. Be interesting to see what they do at MSUB, especially after getting such a nice win over rival UAF. We saw the game, we’ll talk about it with these recaps tomorrow.

Prediction: Pick ’em. UAA could blow out, but MSUB could definitely win as well.

WWU @ CU-PDX @ 7pm

Theoretically WWU will win. Concordia just almost beat SPU, so maybe they’re riding high? WWU did just beat UAA. We’ll see.

Prediction: WWU.

SFU @ WOU @ 7pm

WOU should win. They’ve had some interesting number distribution, but hopefully this game gets them back to firing on all cylinders as a tune up, rather than just something they overlook before the WWU game on Saturday.

Prediction: WOU.

SPU @ CWU @ 7pm

The other highly recommended game. This year it seems likely to be a Wildcat blowout, but regardless it’s going to get physical. We’ve been to literally hundreds of GNAC games between tons of different pairings, the major rivalries, all of it… CWU/SPU is like UW/UO.

WWU/CWU is like “oh this fun we’re rivals, yay!” that’s like the UW/WSU of D2.

SPU/CWU is nasty. The best example is that the former SPU coach’s kids started refusing attendance (yes: a three and five year-old said “we won’t go to games at CWU”) because the SPU guys always ended up bleeding.

Good luck, be safe, have fun, we’ll see people at CWU!


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