Player-of-the-Week is… Cole Preston!

First player-of-the-week win for the senior guard. He’s actually a transfer; we didn’t even realize that, but we love it because we swear by our awesome GNAC transfers.

This is a cool win.

“No, this is a Cole win.”

Well, it’s that too. But none of his numbers truly stand out other than playing 40 minutes against Western Oregon. This week Cole was the epitome of a well-rounded and consistent basketball player, which is exactly what our player-of-the-week is all about. Were there guys with better individual games? Yes. A few. Were there guys with better numbers? Yes. But did they have the all around mix of balance? No. Nowhere close.

Cole shot well from the field and made his free throws both nights. He had an average of seven assists to just one turnover, both nights. So not only was he shooting smart, he was distributing and adding to team chemistry, which is huge. He grabbed boards where he could, picked up fouls where necessary, but mostly just kept his nose the the grindstone as a point guard, running the offense.

We’re so used to dealing with hybrids and shooting guards that we feel like it’s rare you get to see a true point guard doing what a point guard is supposed to do, and that’s what this week is with Cole’s performance. This is a pure point guard functioning at optical on a D2 level, and quite honestly: It was incredible.

Congrats on a great week Cole, and good luck against Cenazar!


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