Conference Game Day #6

Everything’s a day late. We’ll do POW tomorrow. Thanks for all of your views yesterday, though. Saturday was a fun night. We got to the WWU/Anchorage game with like 16 clock minutes left, but it was still 150% worth it.

And yes: we drove 70 minutes each way just to watch 35 minutes worth of a basketball game. We did the same thing on Tuesday because being on time wasn’t our thing this past week.

NNU 72 @ MSUB 77

MSUB pulled it out, but NNU gave a good fight.

Crusader highlights: Bouna N’Diaye played a full forty minutes, finishing with a full house and a double double highlighted by 11 boards; Pol Olivier had 13 points; Kaileb Rodriguez had 13 points and five fouls; and Maurice Jones had 16 points, 12 boards, and five fouls for the power forward’s dream. Now he just needs to stop taking threes and we’ll have no crap to give him. Off the bench Marko Lepovic had five points.

Yellowjacket highlights: Preson Beverly had 18 points and 13 boards; Marc Matthews had 22 points; and off the bench Kendall Denham had 10 points.

Maurice Jones continues to impress and Kendall… We’re not sure what happened. He seemingly has regressed every year. Instinct says that he needs to get out of his own head, but who knows.

UAF 88 @ SFU 83

See: We believe in SFU, but do not trust SFU. That is this score.

Nanook highlights: Nahjee Matlock had 16 points and six boards; Bangaly had 14 points, five boards, and five fouls in a fairly quiet night, Zach Pederson was impressive with six boards and 22 points; Brandon Davis had 14 points and five boards; and off the bench Lorenzo Graham had 11 points.

Clan highlights: Michael Provenzano as dynamite with 19 points on good shooting; Gibran Sewani had five boards; and JJ Pankratz had 19 points and seven boards. Off the bench Kedar Wright had sixteen points.

Not the cleanest game, but it was what it was. Road victory for the Nooks, woo-hoo!

CU-PDX 83 @ SPU 88

Don’t mistake the score for teams playing well, or at least not the Falcons playing well; this was a choke job on par with the UAA @ CWU game. SPU’d go up by a lot, get complacent, the Cavs would rightfully take advantage, and then the cycle repeated itself. Twice. At least. Next year the Falcons won’t be able to do that -the Cavs will win the game. Came close this time.

Cavalier highlights: Drew Martin had 23 points, five boards, five assists, and three steals; Bryan Michaels had 18 points and five assists; Latrell Wilson had 14 points; Christopher Edward had six boards; and off the bench Davis Nuaimi had five boards, four assists, and five fouls.

Falcon highlights: Coleman Wooten had 27 points and nine boards; Tony Miller had 11 boards and was 7-9 from the line; Joe Rasmussen FINALLY (seven years later) realized he’s 6’8 and weighs 240lbs and scored 22 points while grabbing eight boards; Olivier-Paul Betu had 10 points; and Gavin Long had 11 points.

Yeesh. No comment beyond you did your darndest Cavs, you’ll return the favor next time.

WOU 80 @ SMU 67

We had no idea what this game would do, and therefore this result isn’t surprising because nothing would have been surprising except the Saints blowing out the Wolves. This isn’t a blowout; it’s a nice comfortable, steady state win. We like it. We approve. Nicely done Wolves!

Wolf highlights: Akil Reese had 12 points; Tanner Omlid had a full house including multiples of every category and 18 points; and Ali Faruq-Bey had seven boards. Off the bench Demetrius Trammell had 14 points; and JJ Chirnside (we haven’t said that name in a while) had a double double with 13 and 11. Welcome back to the world of the mentions, JJ. We’re excited.

Saint highlights: Trey Ingram played a full 40 minutes and had 15 points; Cole Preston also played 40 minutes and had 15 points and six boards; Jordan Kitchen had nine boards; Tyler Copp played some mad defense but took too many shots; and Fred Jorg impressed again with eight boards and 19 points. Off the bench Brandon Kenilvort had six boards.

Hard fought game via the numbers, but WOU while they’re not as good as expected are still clearly progressing and a very, very good team.

UAA 84 @ WWU 91

The feeling walking out of this one was interesting. It felt unfinished. It felt nice to get redemption and actually have WWU win because I think on both sides there was awareness that the Viks should have won last year and so now it’s resolved and there can be a “real” game in Anchorage, hence the unfinished. These teams still need to battle for real this year.

Seawolf highlights: Diante Mitchell had a good shooting night and ended up with 20 points; Spencer Svejecar had 18 points; Corey Hammell had 10 boards but wasn’t used nearly as much as he should have been (in our humble opinion); and off the bench Augustus Simmers had ive points and Damien Fulp had six points.

The Vikings kept the Seawolves remarkably quiet for how close the game was. Those numbers are unsettling on a lot of levels.

Viking highlights: Taylor Stafford played a full 40 minutes and had 32 points and five boards while being 8-8 from the line; Daulton Hommes had 17 points, five boards, and a full house; Jeffrey Parker had 21 points while being 6-6 from the line; and off the bench Deandre Dickson had seven points.

The Vikings shot 94% from the line while the Seawolves shot just 65%. There’s your answer. Can’t wait to watch these two teams meet up again…

Some really, really good games. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for the coming week. POW nominations and announcement up in the AM.


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