Previewing Tonight’s Games

All times pacific.

NNU @ MSUB @ 6pm

We feel confident in MSUB’s ability, but this is the GNAC in 2017 -that means NNU will probably win. No, we think NNU isn’t nearly as bad as they normally are, but MSUB has had their stuff together really well as of late and so they’ll be very excited to grab a victory that they rightfully see as theirs, at home.

Prediction: MSUB. No idea about the numbers.

CU-PDX @ SPU @ 7pm

We don’t trust Concordia and we don’t trust SPU, thus part of us thinks CU-PDX will come in and win it. They know SPU is a mess, they know there’s a high potential for a victory over the Falcons, so why not take advantage of it? On the other hand, if the Falcons want to remind everyone that they’re still fully in the hunt for a conference tournament berth, this is a game they need to win. Their schedule has been arguably pretty front loaded -already having played UAA, WOU, and WWU- so they need this win badly.

Prediction: CU-PDX keeps it close, but SPU pulls it out.

UAF @ SFU @ 7pm

UAF needs this win, but if SFU is going to win more than one conference game, this is one that seems like a good pick. We still haven’t figured out UAF, but we feel like the Clan display a lot better teamwork than we’ve seen out of the Nooks, so… It’s a possibility.

Prediction: UAF, because we don’t trust the Clan. We believe in them, but we don’t trust them.

WOU @ SMU @ 7:30pm

Meeting of the old travel partners. No idea what’ll happen. WOU just got a nice win over SPU, SMU just killed CU-PDX.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

Game of the Night!!!!!

UAA @ WWU @ 7pm

The game last year was insane and ended in 2OT with the wrong team winning. We promise: We love Coach Oz more than just about anybody, but if you manage to get out to center court in the final minute even with two players holding you back and you don’t get tossed nor T’d up, the wrong team probably won. That happened last year. WWU should have won that game (Kyle Impero had made every other free throw) and they didn’t. Hopefully the Vikings remember, but at the same time stay within themselves. We love Anchorage and are really tempted to sit behind their bench again because they all have the same MO we do, but alas we’ll probably be up with our usual peeps -they get angry too. Still: Come say ‘hi’ or wave us over.

Prediction: Pick ’em.


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