Previewing Tonight’s Games

All times pacific standard.

CWU @ MSUB @ 6pm

Without knowing, you look at this game and go “Oh, CWU’s going to win.” That makes sense. This year doesn’t make sense. When you know things (very little things, but things all the same) you go “CWU should win but MSUB has a great homecourt advantage and the Wildcats bring out the fire in people and MSUB has good wins against WOU and WWU and that coaching staff is amazing, but Naim Ladd and Marc Rogers and Fuquan Niles and Dom Hunter is really good” and then you have no clue what this game is going to be. We still think that if MSUB wins it’ll be close, but if CWU wins it could be close or it could be by 10 or 12.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

CU-PDX @ SMU @ 7pm

CU-PDX beat Billings who beat WWU who is arguably the best team in our conference. SMU came very close to beating Anchorage and while close but no cigar, it was still impressive. We’ll veer on the side of SMU winning by five or so, simply because they’re at home and they have considerably more experience than the Cavs. Otherwise we think they’re fairly well matched, so it still should be considered essentially a pick ’em.

Prediction: SMU, but not by a lot.

UAA @ SFU @ 7pm

LOOOOOOOL. Just kidding: SFU almost beat WWU. There is the overlook factor for the Seawolves “oh, WWU on Saturday” uh uh, you have to get past the Clan first. Then again, the other side of this is that UAA beat the Falcons by 36 (but it felt like more) and so if the conference doesn’t get to them (meaning chaos) then can they make that a higher total against the Clan? #Drop50

Prediction: UAA wins.

UAF @ WWU @ 7pm

We’re intrigued by this game. We still don’t have a good sense of this UAF team and WWU has historically struggled against the Nooks, so that holds curiosity. WWU will be looking to bounce back after a loss against MSUB, and so the Viks will be out for blood in that respect. It’s like the CWU/MSUB game: UAF could beat WWU by a few, WWU could beat UAF by a few or with plenty of breathing room.

Prediction: WWU wins.

WOU @ SPU @ 7pm

ksjdflskjfsdlkfjsdlfkj We considered putting that in all caps, but are more pensively consternated than that. Kegan Bone faces his old boss, and we’re going to ask a question that we’ve been wondering since Kegan came into the conference last year: How is Kaitlyn?

Our high school team played Kegan’s team in post season frequently. His senior year we played them twice in a row, once for the district 1 championship and then immediately again at State. In between, one of our varsity soccer players managed to procure the info that their leading scorer, that being Kegan, was dating a girl named Kaitlyn; the soccer player then managed to get a student section chant regarding an aspect of their relationship going. It might have been a little bit inappropriate… Maybe.

Anyway: SPU is in freefall, WOU isn’t as good as we expected, but it’s all a mess and so tentatively we expect WOU to win, but you never know when SPU’ll decide to get their spit together. Love Tanner Omlid and Demetrius Trammell; love Coleman Wooten and Tony Miller. Trust Jim Shaw more than Grant Leep, but the game still is at SPU and home court gonna home court.

Prediction: Pick ’em.

Think we’re idiots? Have a GNAC question? Have an answer about how Kaitlyn is? Tweet at us or leave it in the comments.

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