Player-of-the-Week Noms

Interesting week for POW. We’re not sure how we feel about it because only a few of the guys being nominated played legitimately well; other guys just played games lacking defense, and while our algorithm takes that into account… It’s complicated.

It’s really not; it’s really the player production stat, at base, and after three years we should trust it fully, but this year is weird and we don’t. We don’t think that shooting until the cows come home is ever a good solution and our formula doesn’t either, but… We’re putting it up just because. It’s a weird year and we still don’t know what we’re talking about.

UAF: N/A —> Donated to Daulton Hommes of WWU.
UAA: Diante Mitchell -great week in a couple of difficult games; smart shooting, high minutes, involved his teammates well.
SFU: N/A —> Donated to Deandre Dickson of WWU.
WWU: Taylor Stafford -yes, the games lacked defense and he shot badly from the field even with the terrible defense, but he made his free throws and involved his teammates, so… Okay?
MSUB: Marc Matthews -Fairly good shot selection and did in fact involve his teammates.
NNU: Maurice Jones -Two very solid games.
CU-PDX: Christopher Edward -limited minutes, but great shot selection and decision making while he’s in the game.
WOU: Tanner Omlid -in the trenches, does what it takes to win -even if his team doesn’t end up with the ‘W.’

Those are the nominations. Those are all of the guys eligible for the award. We were close to putting a couple of people that almost qualified, but all had some massive error that we couldn’t get over. Usually way too many shots taken. There are 13 guys on a basketball team. If you’re cold DON’T SHOOT. More likely than not you have a teammate that isn’t cold that you should be getting the ball to.

Remember: Player-of-the-Week nominations. Not player-of-the-game. It takes two above average games to get on this list.

Winner’ll be up soon.


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