WWU @ SFU + Game Previews

Uhhhh, here we go:

WWU 103 @ Simon Fraser 98

We told you SFU was better than the game against MSUB; this is hysterical. And precisely why we keep telling y’all that this year is a mess and Simon Fraser isn’t as bad as they usually are. WWU used their normal starters. And that was the result. P-p-p-parity.

Viking highlights: Taylor Stafford had 31 points, was 8-8 from the line, and grabbed seven boards; Trey Drechsel had 14 points and seven assists; Daulton Hommes had 14 points; and off the bench Deandre Daniels had 31 points and 10 boards for the double-double.

Clan highlights: Iziah Sherman-Newsome had a double-double with 15 points and 12 boards; Michael Provenzano had 16 points and six assists; JJ Pankratz had 19 points; and off the bench Kedar Wright had 28 points and five boards.

Crazy game. We’ll admit we didn’t watch mostly because we were at work, but also because we didn’t expect that result. We expected a blowout by 20 or so, but we are beyond thrilled for the Clan and not concerned about the Vikings; the Clan’s better than normal, the Vikings are still ridiculously good. Any given night.

Game previews. All times pacific.

NNU @ WOU @ 2pm

Who knows. WOU could blow out the Crusaders. The Crusaders could keep it close and/or win. There’s no telling. Yes, basic ideas say “WOU is better, WOU will win.” But… Eh.

Prediction: Either WOU wins convincingly or it’s close. It’ll be a game decided by either less than five or more than 12.

MSUB @ WWU @ 2pm

No idea. MSUB just killed SFU while WWU played them close, so… Is the testosterone of the Vikings building or are they simply exhausted with back-to-back games (yeah right); with the MSUB, did they blow it all blowing out SFU, or did it just create more going “heck yeah! We just did this. We’re gonna sting the Vikings!” okay, they wouldn’t say that, but same idea.

Prediction: No idea. On paper WWU beats MSUB. In real life it could go either way. We don’t think MSUB could blow out WWU, but they could win by six or seven. WWU could definitely blow out MSUB, but will they?

CWU @ CU-PDX @ 3pm

Not a clue. CU-PDX just served NNU handily, but if there’s one thing we’ve seen this season it’s that one game doesn’t mean anything about another. The games essentially exist in a vacuum, at this point until the end of the season. That may change. There may start to be separation. We already think we know the teams those are, but… Who knows. CWU is a very good team. They’re capable of blowing out the Cavaliers, but as always: the question is will they?

Prediction: CWU wins.

SPU @ UAF @ 4pm

It’s like that scene in the Princess Bride -logic would say to pick UAF because SPU was such a mess and yet SPU isn’t always a mess and they have good players (if not an ineffective head coach) and so maybe we should pick SPU, but SPU is a mess and UAF isn’t and the UAF gym is hard to play in and the Nooks really need a bounce back game, arguably more than the Falcons, so…

Prediction: UAF wins.

SMU @ UAA @ 6pm

This is a fun match-up. Anchorage is a good team, SMU is building confidence, it’s super hard to win at Anchorage, and yet both teams got really nice victories. On paper UAA wins. In reality, maybe SMU pulls it out?

Prediction: pick ’em.

Good luck to all teams, stay safe, and have a happy new year!


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