Conference Game Day #3

Expect the unexpected.

Wisdom of the day: Do not chug a can of diet pop after taking a bunch of pills. The burps are vomit-inducing.

MSUB 107 @ SFU 66

Hi Simon Fraser. You look like Simon Fraser again. That’s good if we’re talking school, bad if we’re talking basketball. You really need to get your poop together because we really truly do not believe you’re actually this bad. We believe MSUB is good, but evidence doesn’t display that they’re this good, thus… SFU was playing very, very badly.

Yellowjacket highlights: Preson Beverly had 22 pionts; Marc Matthews had 20 points, five boards, four assists, and four steals; Sven Jeuschede had 17 points and six boards on 100% shooting from the field and the line. Off the bench Kendall Denham had a whopping 17 points, 10 assists, and four steals; and Cinco Durr had 15 points.

Clan highlights: Michael Provenzano went 6/6 from the line; JJ Pankratz had 13 points and a full house; and off the bench Othniel Spencer had 10 points; while Kedar Wright had 14 points and eight boards.

Not the game we predicted, but also not unexpected. Okay, maybe a little unexpected: What is wrong with you SFU?? You’re better than this.

NNU 55 @ CU-PDX 70

This could have gone either way. There’s a triangle. CU-PDX is getting better but so is NNU. Quite honestly the numbers are positively terrible all-around, so… A grain of salt would be good for this game.

Crusader highlights: Carlos Garcia had six boards; Kaileb Rodriguez had 13 points and seven boards; and off the bench Maurice Jones had 16 points and eight boards.

Cavalier highlights: Drew Martin had a full house with seven boards among other stats; Christopher Edward had 11 points and five boards along with a full house; and off the bench Bryan Michaels had 11 boards and seven points.

We’re still confused. We shouldn’t be because these teams match-up fairly well, but we are confused. We see no implications from this game; it doesn’t mean NNU is bad, it doesn’t mean CU-Portland is great. It was what it was. Maybe keep an eye on NNU on the road?

CWU 77 @ WOU 98

Dead gymnasiums and Wildcats don’t mix, but we knew that. Central just got too much hype, yo’! No that’s a good thing, everyone should be so lucky to have the type of crowds that CWU gets.

Wildcat highlights: Jawan Stepney had five boards and 13 points; off teh bench Karsten Chaplik had five points; Jerome Bryant had five points; and Sage Woodruff had six points.

Wolf highlights: Evan Garrison had six assists; Bryan Berg had seven assists and 15 points; Tanner Omlid had a double-double + full house with 18 points, 11 rebounds, and assorted other stats; Ali Faruq-Bey had 22 points and eight boards; and off the bench Demetrius Trammell had 21 points in just 20 minutes on great shooting.

There’s the Wolves we’ve been waiting for. Sadly they were so questionable in non-con that we’re not sure how much this game tells us. CWU isn’t usually a road team; when they meet again in Ellensburg the result will theoretically be different.

SMU 87 @ UAF 71

Heck to the yeah Saints! There you go. Seems like Fred did finally realize he’s 7’0 and a relatively agile 300lbs. Relatively because dude is straight up big, not fat, but at seven feet tall, you’re going to be rather lumbering. He may be from Germany, but he’s a pacific northwest lumberjack at heart -literally.

Saints highlights: Trey Ingram had 16 points; Cole Preston had five boards and six assists; Jordan Kitchen had nine boards and 14 points; Tyler Copp had five boards and 25 points; and Fred Jorg had 12 points on 5/7 shooting.

Nook highlights: Nahjee Matlock had 10 points and five boards; Bangaly Kaba had 19 points; Spencer Clark had six boards; and Brandon Davis had 10 points. Off the bench LaDonavan Wilder had nine points.

Good game to see the Saints play. They had an interesting non-con and so we’re really curious to see what they do in conference play. UAF we don’t know. We want to see the Nooks wake up before we pass judgement.

SPU 49 @ UAA 85

WE WERE RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have to enjoy it when we are, because as you all know -we’re wrong a lot. Nature of sports blogging. As mentioned in the preview: Anchorage is our current favorite team because we sat behind them at the CWU game and they all were super salty, which is the best.

Falcon highlights: Hunter Eisenhower had 12 points.

Seawolf highlights: Suki had five assists; Diante Mitchell had 25 points and five rebounds on great shooting; Spencer Svejcar had 10 points and seven assists; Corey Hammell had 14 boards and 14 points; and Connor Devine had 10 points. No real bench play, oddly enough, although a ton of people saw around 10 minutes.

If we started to get into specifics as to what’s wrong with SPU, we’d be here all day, so we’ll tell you the over-arching problem: Grant Leep. It isn’t that Ryan Looney is that good (although he is amazing), it’s that Grant Leep is this bad. The cupboard isn’t bare. They have good players. It’ll be fine. But not under Leep. These numbers scream of a coach that’s lost his team. It’s the Jim Mora Jr. situation, and he needs to be gone. We’re honestly not even sure he ever had this team; he was chosen and accepted to deal with a bunch of 6’5, 19-year-old buttheads on a campus of 70% women where they get anything they want; basketball is where they test their boundaries and Grant refused to set any that actually matter, thus the program is a mess.

Previewing WWU @ SFU @ 6pm PST tonight.

Once again: AHAHAHAHA. We’d almost love to see Western take the hockey route and not use their starting line-up. Trey Dreschsel should remain, but that’s only because he’s been playing terribly as of late -he hasn’t stayed within himself at all, and as such we’re seeing a very bad basketball player when we’re aware that he’s actually very good. We love his game. Start Brett, Brad, Trey, Blake, and maybe Trevor? Trevor’s been playing really well and so we feel like grouping him with a bunch of guys that are struggling is a little iffy, but at the same time that group needs his help. Could be good. They won’t do what we’re suggesting, but they should -it would be cool and they’d still win by a ton.

We look forward to receiving your “Grant Leep is great” hate mail.

Results + previews up tomorrow morning.

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