What We’ve Learned from Non-Con

Team by team in our usual order. If you’re curious why we use this order, check out our Table of Contents page.


What we know: Bangaly is still good and UAF still has a good home court advantage, seeing as they’re still in Fairbanks. Brandon Davis has good games. Still not sure what to make of this team -they’re in the 4-8 range.

What we don’t know: What they’ll do in conference play. It’s always unwise to overlook the Nanooks, so we’ll keep our eyes peeled.


What we know: They have amazing starters, we love their team chemistry, they’re not as good as we anticipated, but we anticipated them essentially being all-world. They’re still a very good basketball team and we still tentatively have them in our tourney bound teams. Suki, Corey, Diante, they got good transfers. We’re excited.

What we don’t know: They have a team full of fiery guys and whether or not they can use that fire to propel them farther than the non-con would suggest or if they’ll ultimately implode prematurely.

Simon Fraser

What we know: They have good people and guys that have had a lot of quality moments. Kedar Wright. JJ Pankratz, Hidde Vos, Michael Provenzano. They’ll return a lot for next year, which we like. Don’t see them making the conference tournament this year, but the year is full of parity and they have the ability to win games, so they definitely are a high possibility to finish outside their usual last.

What we don’t know: If they can get out of the mentality. All of these guys want to win and are probably used to winning -that’s the joy of AAU, but can they transition it to a university program that’s used to losing?

Western Washington

What we know: Very good team, they play basketball cohesively, we consider them a lock for the Regional, which ultimately means that we have three GNAC teams in the regional, most likely, finally, but that’s more of a discussion for tomorrow. Taylor Stafford is fantastic, Daulton Hommes has been amazing, we’re beyond excited about the Vikings.

What we don’t know: How Daulton’s back will hold up throughout the season. That’s what’s kept him out previously. They have a 7’0 in Logan Schilder that we’re excited to see more from -right now he hasn’t done a lot, but there’s always that potential, so very curious.

Seattle Pacific



Saint Martin’s

What we know: Alex Pribble is a really good coach, they have good players, and they’re growing. They’re going to have growing pains, but we still have them in the conference tournament. We don’t think they’ll upset and get the autobid, but they should definitely be in it.

What we don’t know: When Fred Jorg will realize he’s 7’0 and weighs 300lbs.


What we know: They have lots of potential and a great home court advantage. In a year that’s full of parity, that home court advantage will likely be the difference in regard to making the conference tournament vs. staying home.

What we don’t know: If Kendall Denham, Marc Matthews, and Preston Beverly can and will truly carry the load. The coaching staff has the experience to guide them to major upsets in regard to the conference tournament and regional, but the players have to all buy in and do so fully.

Central Washington

What we know: They played almost no one in non-con, but the games they have played they’ve looked really good in. We’re loving Dom Hunter, Naim Ladd, and Fuquan Niles -all three are fantastic and they’re able to play off of each other really well. CWU is another school with a massive home court advantage, and so… We shall see.

What we don’t know: They should make the conference tournament, but how deep will they go? We don’t know, but we’re excited to see. Super fun team to watch.

Northwest Nazarene

What we know: They may have upset Anchorage, but they’re still a mess with a very minimal non-conference schedule. They’ll upset teams, but we don’t see them making the conference tournament, although Maurice Jones is amazing.

What we don’t know: If Maurice Jones will commit to sticking around -this year could be a very good prep year, if he’s willing to continue to be in Nampa for another 18 months or so. If not, if he’s another guy that only lasts a year, it’s not going to help anything and the program will stay in their usual 8-11 position. The Crusaders got lucky with Alex happening to be in a year where they also had strong seniors.


What we know: They’ve got a bunch of guys that we like and they will win games in conference, but how many that is will likely be limited. Davis Nuaimi, Drew Martin, and Latrell Wilson, and Christopher Edwards are all 100% legit, but… We’re wondering if it’s relatively in relation to each other -if you stuck any of them on another team (even a bad one, like SPU) how would their starting line-up be affected?

What we don’t know: If they’ll take what they learned in non-con and propel what are theoretically four good players and a bunch of okay players to a surprising finish. We don’t see them actually making the conference tournament, but it seems like on paper they would have the potential to finish at least 7th.

Western Oregon

What we know: That the Wolves are the big unknown. We like the transfers they brought in, we like the games they played during non-con, we think they know what they have now and should be able to do something with it. Tanner Omlid, Demetrius Trammell, Ali Faruq-Bey, Malik Leaks, all good.

What we don’t know: How good they truly are and what chemistry and teamwork they’re going to be able to put together. We still have them in the Big Dance, but we’ll see.

We’re 100% guaranteed to be wrong all accounts (except SPU), but that’s okay! We have fun. Leave your [more correct] opinions in the comments!


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