Previewing WOU @ APU & SPU @ Hilo

We’re going to do the results of the SPU game at Chaminade when we do these tomorrow morning. It’s not that we’re mad -we’re just disappointed. No, kidding, we honestly don’t care. We’ve said what we have to say, they are fully aware of what we think, and what they truthfully know needs to be done and the players and particularly the coaching staff isn’t doing it. It is what it is. They can change their minds any time they want.

All times pacific.

As for WOU @ APU @ 7:30.

The Wolves are going to kill the Cougars. We both think that and hope that. APU hasn’t looked particularly good this year and somehow the GNAC is looking tentatively like the class of the west, which may or may not say a lot. We like the Pac-West and CCAA, all of y’all know we’d be the first people to rag on the GNAC, but the thing is we’re looking tentatively very okay.

And so why aren’t we saying much on the blog? BECAUSE WHO KNOWS WHAT’S GOING ON IN THE WEST?!?!

Not us. And if anyone were know what was going on in the West Region, you’d think it would be us. Again. Driving in the snow in Seattle. If someone says they know, they’re lying. But we are super excited because the more games are played the better the GNAC looks. WWU is looking on fire and we love everything they’ve been doing. WOU has looked really good. UAA has been split but that team has so much talent and such a good program MO that anything could happen. Why wouldn’t they be in the tournament? Now hosting the tournament -ain’t gonna happen. But in the tournament? We’re still sensing a high probability. NNU has become the UAF of UAA. In English: WWU, no matter how far they went in the tournament, always lost at UAF. Just a thing. UAA, great team, they lose at NNU. It is what it is. Does that mean WWU will lose at UAF this year? Because WWU looks amazing, that means UAF has to spoil their fun? Traaaaadition!

SPU @ Hilo @ 9:30.

SPU… We feel like the second we’re like “screw y’all” they’re going to actually start playing like SPU, but we’re kind of enjoying their demise right now. We’re laughing really hard at it. It’s not even schadenfreude. We just love it. Because if we let ourselves care about it, it would kill us. So we’re like “okay, you do you. Grant, this is your chance. Congrats. This is what it looks like. Reminder: It can stop any time. You can play what we’ve come to know as SPU basketball at any time.”

That being said: SPU is losing to Hilo. They barely beat them at home, this time it’s on the road and the Falcons are going DOWN between the hours of 9:30 and 11:30pm pacific.

Nightlights? At like midnight? Maybe.

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