Player-of-the-Week is… Taylor Stafford!!

It’s a good week to be a Taylor with connections to the sehome.

Taylor had a great couple of games against Seattle Pacific and Saint Martin’s, respectively, picking up an impressive array of field stats, including but not limited to:

15 assists
17 rebounds
7 steals


10 turnovers.

However, we’re pointing out the turnovers because in the case of Taylor, it meant the ball was in his hands when it mattered. The field stats mean that he was being actively productive even as he was picking up those turnovers. There are other guys, even on the WWU team itself, that turnovers stick out in a bad way -we’re not concerned about Taylor’s. Would it be better to be without them? Yeah.Was it because he was playing selfishly? Absolutely not. The turnovers in context are completely fine.

Taylor is another transfer that we “knew” we’d be getting. The type of transfer that comes in, works his butt off, and transforms his team. We feel honored to get to name him player-of-the-week and can’t wait to see what he does next.

Congrats Taylor, and thanks for bringing your talents to the GNAC!!

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