Previewing WOU @ MSUB

We’re actually doing a separate preview, partly because it’s a slow day, partly because we’re waiting on this game to put up POW (there were some very good numbers that we’re super excited about) and partly because this game is oddly unknown.

The rivalry is still in its infancy, but CU-Portland was able to do more damage against WOU than expected, and in that… MSUB returns a ton. MSUB is hard to play at. MSUB beat a few RMAC teams somewhat convincingly. Theoretically MSUB should be able to put up a really good fight, if not actually pull out a win. And yet at the same time… We’re convinced of WOU. WOU got really good transfers and has the coaching, transfers, and teamwork to blow MSUB out. We’re not convinced that the Dixie State loss matters all that much because the other two conferences are so thoroughly full of parity. The Pac-West in particular is pulling a Pac-12 in terms of eating each other alive. That’s something we’ll discuss later this week. We’re tempted and the idea that we need to do the GNAC chart for the Pac-West and CCAA is firmly in our head, just for our own curiosity.

As for the game tonight… Will MSUB win a close one? Will WOU win a close one? Will WOU blow the Yellowjackets out? We’ll find out.


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