Previewing Tonight’s Games

All times pacific.

UAA @ NNU @ 6pm

Seawolves should win NBD. Should. Hopefully they’re fired up after their near-loss at CWU. We’re not quite to the point of saying “UAA didn’t win, CWU lost” but had CWU won, we would have said “CWU didn’t win, UAA lost.”


Intrigue. MSUB looked really good against the RMAC, but also lost to NAIA Rocky Mountain. CUPDX beat Monterey Bay and then didn’t allow a few other teams to blow them out and so we don’t really feel like we’ve seen enough to judge them. MSUB is a challenging place to play and we’ll see what they do with it.

SFU @ SMU @ 7pm

We’re really curious about this game because both teams are on the edge. SFU is on the edge of getting out of obscurity, SMU is on the edge of getting out of mediocrity. If things go well for SMU, it could be a blowout. If things go badly for SMU, they could lose by five. Conversely, if things go well for SFU they could win by five, if things go badly they’ll get blown out. We shall see.

WWU @ SPU @ 7pm

What would usually be a game full of intrigue, we’re laughing and expecting SPU to lose quite substantially. SPU only has somewhere between two and five guys that genuinely care about SPU basketball on the team. At least two are injured, if not three. WWU has ten guys that clearly care and play with effort. SPU’s gonna get smoked.

UAF @ CWU @ 7:30pm

CWU’s gotta be in kill mode after regaining momentum and almost beating Anchorage. UAF has looked 50/50 -you never know what the Nooks are going to do and are going to be capable of. Good coaching, good players, but CWU is a hard place to play and of all the teams in the conference we truly believe that the Wildcats have the most heart. We’ll see what happens.

Good luck to all 10 teams tonight and enjoy your night off WOU. Nighlights? Maybe. Analysis up in the AM.


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